That's a very good price. The barrel tasting received 92-94 points from WS.

I'd give it a shot. Being that it is both a great vintage and solid producer, it would be hard to miss at that price.

"I've gotta be honest with you, guys. I need more cowbell."
i'd probably buy a couple, not a case until i tasted it. cheapest i ever saw the 99' retail for was $64.95...

$50 is usually my "limit" where i start to question if it's worth it or not. usually wineries like Caymus sneak by... Big Grin
In fact, after you get yours, can you shoot me an email at cnalda "at" or share with the board where it might be available? Could be a nice addition to the 2001 (twins' birth year) collection.



Veni, Vidi, Biberi . . . .
Winery: Caymus
Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2001
Score: Barrel Tasting
Barrel Tasting
Price: $NA
Country: California

Region: Napa

Issue: Web Only (2002)

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A plush, rich, complex wine, with layers of currant, earth, pencil lead, light toasty oak and minerally flavors. Packs in lots of flavor and follows through with a concentrated aftertaste. Score range: 92-94

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Hey if any of you guys want to clean out my local PA Wine shop's 2000 inventory I would be thankful. Then maybe they would get some '01s??

.. a thrilled constituent of the largest wine buying entitiy in the US,

Your Truly,

$55-$65 per bottle? It used to sell for $18-$22
I guess it costs much more to make it! Roll Eyes

Caymus Cab is not a good qpr, and even the Special Selection has become too expensive to collect.
latour, if you really want to know cookiness over wine pricing, the 2000 Caymus Cab will be release in October for $100CAD/bottle.
You are correct, Slan. My mistake. The actual wine being released in October (4th) is the 2000 Caymus Special Select at $185.00/bottle. Even worse!

$100CAD for an ordinary wine like the 2000 Caymus Cab? That's outraegeous! Actually, that is the primary reason I no longer collect verticals. I pick, choose, and select, rather than just buy because I did the same thing last year!
Outrageous indeed. I can list about a hundred more wines that are ridiculously priced in Ontario, but I don't want to send you into shock. I'll only list two more:

1999 Mondavi Cabernet Reserve - $179CAD
2000 Chateau Palmer - $289CAD
I remember i purchased my first case of Caymus for $12.00. It was the 86 vintage and i bought the case through the restaurant I was working at the time. At $54 dollars a bottle it is 4.5x more money than 1988. Not bad, what will the cost be in another 15 years?

Wine prices have followed the stratospheric trajectory of concert tickets.


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