I love caviar. I prefer it on a bland cracker/wafer with creme fraiche, mild chopped onion, and perhaps some chopped boiled egg. And of course, sparkling wine.

I prefer beluga and ossetra though will certainly stoop to sevruga in a pinch Roll Eyes. I actually think I like ossetra as much as beluga which can save a bit of money. I like other types of fish roe (such as tobiko in a sushi restaurant) but don't generally eat them in the same manner.
I just saw something on caviar on the discovery channel. I think there is still a ban in the US on Beluga as the Beluga Sturgeon is on the endangered list. The main problem with that is the fish takes 20 years to mature, so it could be a long time before we see a good supply of Beluga. The story warned that if you are ordering Beluga in a restaurant, there is a good chance of it being fake, old or frozen.
Originally posted by Stefania Wine:
Any one ever had a Jackie-O Potato?

A baked potato, covered with creme fraiche and caviar. Legend is that was what Jackie-O ordered when she ate out.

It's a very popular request from my friends after I get one in them the first time.

Wouldn't that cook the eggs? Not for me.
I love the stuff but can't afford it anymore.

Got a taste for it as a teenager on holiday from boarding school with my parents [oil business in the late 50s] in Iran.

There were 6 inch diameter by 3 inch tins of beluga in the fridge because it was very inexpensive.
I loved it on toast with a drop of lemon juice or on its own.

My wife [who hates the stuff] used to buy me a small tin at Christmas from Harrods.

Then it became Ossetra rather than Beluga which was also pretty good but the last time I had real caviar was at Les Crayeres, Reims, in an egg. Delicious but ridiculously expensive.

We were drinking champagne with that meal but I have had ice-cold vodka with caviar and that old cliché works pretty well too.
Originally posted by g-man:
what happens to cooked caviar?

does it emulsify like chicken eggs?

Caviar if cooked firms up a little bit and turns an orange color. Sometimes with lobster I like to make a caviar beurre blanc. The trick is to fold in the caviar right before serving. This maintains the original color and texture. The eggs also add a nice briny flavor to the sauce. Keep with American sturgeon, no need to waste the good stuff on a sauce.

If you want a truly great meal using caviar you should try truffled eggs caviar. Scramble some eggs with truffles and garnish with a dollop of caviar.

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