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I was reading an article this weekend about buying Russian caviar, and it mentioned that there are excellent prices for caviar on Ebay. I went to Ebay's site, and sure enough there are offers for beluga that appear to be "too good to be true".

Wondering if anyone has ever bought caviar over Ebay.

Or from Costco, for that matter. The article said that prices were excellent at Costco as well (and I think a little bit more reliable).
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Well, I went ahead and bought some beluga caviar from Costco. $55 for two ounces. It comes in a jar which is sealed in a plastic container as well. I'll post a tasting note after we open it.

In my quest for beluga caviar, I searched high and low. Our local Crown liquor store was selling Russian beluga for $144 for 2 ounces. My local Publix supermarket had Russian beluga for $90 for 2 ounces, and Iranian beluga for $100 for 2 ounces. The internet ranged in prices from extraordinarily high to questionably low. I was concerned about some of the web-sites I found, where there was no information on the seller's location or phone numbers. Other internet sites were very trustworthy, of course. But even the lowest prices on the internet were no better than Costco (except for Ebay - which I suspect is grey market).

So, in the end, there was nothing that could touch Costco's price (and I was not about to buy any from Ebay).
Mona lisa vito,

Good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

I bought the caviar from the store in North Palm Beach. I don't think that you can purchase caviar from the Costco website (I checked the site and could not find it).

The store had about 5 or 6 jars of beluga left. I know that they turn the stuff over fairly quickly, as the North Palm store didn't have caviar a week or so ago.
We got this deal last week -- 2 ounces for $55 at Costco. Opened it yesterday -- and while it was passable caviar, I was dissapointed with the texture. With good beluga, I beleive each egg should pop in your mouth as it releases its little burst of flavor. While the flavor was decent, I thought this Beluga was too... mushy.
What did others think? Rothko?
I got one ounce of the Crown Beluga at a ridiculous price, but it was for a family celebration. No complaints about the quality. It was preceeded by four ounces of Crown's American sturgeon caviar. We served the caviar accompanied by Champagne (nv Roederer Brut, followed by a 1996 Fleur de Champagne), on plain crackers with creme fraiche.

Just one more sip.

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