Does anyone know a website or other resource which provides info pertaining to the amount of wine you can bring to specific countries?

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In Australia the official limit is 1.125 litres (normally rounded to 2 bottles).

However if you look apologetic and innocent you can bring in up to about 5 bottles and customs won't bother you as long as you declare it.

If you are travelling to Europe and transfer from one country to another, you just say you bought the wine in another EU country.

The normal trick is to declare it if it is a potential problem and the customs official won't want to bother will filling out the paperwork if it is a little over the limit.
Most customs officials can't tell the difference between a first growth and a vin ordinaire, so if you say "I don't know how much it was, it's a gift - maybe 10 or 15 euros" you can get away with a lot.

Not that I am encouraging people to smuggle or lie to customs.
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Each adult is allowed to bring 1.5 litres (2 bottles) of wine duty/tax-free into Canada, a bit less "spirits" and/or a case of 24 beer, I think. Canadians are allowed to do this only after at least 48 hours out of the country.

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