Carl's Jr. and Pétrus?

The Palms hotel in Las Vegas now offers a $6,000 hamburger (actually the staff just runs to the nearby Carl's Jr. and picks it up). Why so expensive? The burger is served with a bottle of 1982 Pétrus.

In a series of ads for the burger, the Maloof brothers, owners of the Palms, as well as of the Sacramento Kings, are depicted indulging in the extravagant pairing. But they aren't actually drinking Pétrus in the ad. This week's Unfiltered features a close-up shot of the label on the bottle in the ad, and we can't figure out what it is. Can you?

And what do you think of pairing Carl's Jr. with Pétrus. In Sideways, Miles pairs his 1961 Cheval-Blanc with fast food. Anyone care to admit to any other secret indulgences with their fine wines? I've always liked Champagne and salty french fries...

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splitting hairs but Joe & Gavin own the Kings, George Jr owns the Palms but you can throw it under the Maloof Brothers...

i wonder about that commercial? has anyone seen this combo? i've talked to people in Vegas about this and they have heard of it, but never seen as well...

you know how Carl's Jr advertizes the $6 burger... i wonder if that's the tie in to the $6k combo... from what i know most 82's go for 1/3 that price, even in Vegas, so i wonder... plus there's no Carl's in the Palm's... there is a McDonald's however (i wondered about that as well, if I was McDonald's I'd be pissed at that ad!)

but, Burger's do go well with a nice fruity red, though you wont see me popping 1st Growth's with a hamburger anytime soon...

maybe @ Father's Office! Cool
I think of Fast Food Burgers as having a lot of sodium and cooked brown in case their is a littl e coli running around. I am not a big food/wine pairing guy but I would rather have a ribeye with frites and plenty of bearnaise for dipping. Maybe a Filette Mignon.
Who cares it's all pubicity anyway. And petrus is overpriced at a third of that anyway. 97 percent of the wine in the world made is a easy drinking beverage. I drink alot of wine travelling and just get a loaf of bread, some cheese and sliced meat and picnic with whatever wine we are drinking. For $6,000 I could have alot of fun in vegas and I'm not talking about gambling.
Originally posted by Robert Taylor:
The Palms hotel in Las Vegas now offers a $6,000 hamburger (actually the staff just runs to the nearby Carl's Jr. and picks it up). Why so expensive? The burger is served with a bottle of 1982 Pétrus.


Huh! Do they ship to France? Big Grin
It's like the $10,000 martini in New York (includes diamond ring), the $2,000 omlette with truffles or the $100 foie gras hamburgers which have been out there for a few years.

Few people, if any, will ever buy them, but you get lots of free press.

Hooters restaurant used to have a deal for a dozen chicken wings and a bottle of Dom Perignon for about $100. Not a bad deal, actually...
These marketing gimmicks are cheap and unimaginative, in my opinion. Restaurants try this stuff all the time, whether it be the $500 per couple New Year's Eve, where you get to keep a couple of glasses and a signed menu, or hamburgers and Dom Perignon on a lunch menu.

For me, no marketing gimmick will ever beat happy people serving, fresh, well seasoned food at fair prices, regardless of the level of dining experience.
Originally posted by cdr11:
These marketing gimmicks are cheap and unimaginative, in my opinion.

As is starting an actual topic on this nonsense. Where is the imagination?
And then to boot, they give us Miles, that "smudge of excrement on a piece of toilet paper surging out to sea" as a benchmark. Please, who do you think we are?
Originally posted by Spenser:
Calling Bella Donna: This is right up your alley!
Big Grin

I think we've discussed this previously.

I enjoy In and Out burgers with a Bordeaux, California Cab, or Zin.

Any kind of pizza with zin or a chianti.

Let me think of some more...
Obvisously, that is not a bottle of 1982 Petrus, or even, 1982 La Fleur Petrus. Also, look at the color of the wine being poured; it appears to be very young....

So, I would guess that it is a computer generated label, covering the label of a less expensive bottle of wine, and maybe it is not even a wine from Bordeaux!
I have a friend who turned 70 last year and used to buy Petrus by the case from 1964-1979 until it "became unreasonably expensive" in 1980 for $35/bottle.

But...his favorite place to drink it...With a hot dog, or cheeseburger at the old Doggie Diner in San Francisco.

And...I have to admit...he and I have had quite a few bottles of Petrus with either a Chicken Burrito or a Cheeseburger. Big Grin
I just ate at the Palms in San Diego for a work function and it was probably the worst NY steak I have ever had (excluding the time I neglected the BBQ and burned it). My buddy was pumping me up about the food and it was a bummer (really dry with little flavor).

I made up for it by having the vendor that took us to dinner buy a 2001 Mouton Rothschild and a 2003 Leoville Barton. They decanted the wines for an hour while we all conversed. Both were very, very young, but I did not have to pull out my wallet! If I could have only got them “to go”.
The funniest thing about this thread is that the article link from the front page of leads you to think that people in this thread would be trying to figure out what the actual bottle in the picture would be. What a surprise that that is nowhere near the case. (sarcasm intended)

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