It's my wife and my 10th anniversary at the end of Feb and we're looking to go away somewhere for 5ish days. My wife's big criteria is that it needs to be ON a "as white a sand, blue a water" place as possible. I usually don't care for just laying on a beach for a vacation but I'm in the mood to do nothing, lay on a hammock in the shade and have people give me food and drink. 

So... 5(ish) days, on a beach, Ideally separate sitting room or living space outside of bedroom, food on site (I'm not cooking), Ideally not too hard to get to (probably not interesting in anything more than two flights) and close to or under a grand a night.


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My wife and I spent a week in St. Lucia last September and we both loved it.  It doesn't have that crystal clear blue water that your wife might desire but the island and the views are still stunning.  They also have a direct flight from Toronto, so getting would be easy for you.

We stayed at the Royalton St. Lucia, and had a room that included a butler, separate sitting room, a bar and even a 2nd full bathroom.  We also had a rooftop terrace that was probably nearly 1000sq ft. that included a private jacuzzi. 

However, there are numerous resorts on the island, including 3 Sandals properties and plenty of smaller more intimate places.  Also check out Body Holiday, Cap Maison resort and if stunning views might be intriguing, Jade Mountain.


Virgin Islands US and British have the nicest beaches and clearest waters IMO.  Personally for doing nothing I like St John although it is small and very sleepy but good hiking as most of the island is a national park.  Picture of beach there is hanging in my house

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