Favorites that will age well: Turley, Martinelli, Rafanelli- also love T-Vine, but not sure how long they'll last-we have not kept any that long...the TVine 98s are drinking great now.
You can get the Hendry Block 7 for low-mid 20s and Block 28 for high 20's in NJ!! We had a 97 Hendry that lost its fruit, so I am not sure how long it will age... may have just been a bad bottle.
mmmguy, I had a few bottles of the 97 Hendry Block 7 and it was terrific. Definitely buy a bottle and see what you think. For what it's worth, WS gave this wine 88 pts. If I recall correctly, I had the 98 Block 7 and it was better than the 85 points that WS gave it. However, I think the 99 is better than either one of them. Here are the tasting notes (Keith Scott: I am not a full access subscriber--this came from my Personal Wine List:

Winery: Hendry Ranch
Wine: 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Block 8
Score: 88
Dense and leathery, with earth, anise, sage, mineral, black cherry, mint and plummy flavors, turning firm and tannic on the finish. 1,280 cases made.

Winery: Hendry Ranch
Wine: 1998 Zinfandel Napa Valley Block 7
Score: 85
Smooth and polished, with spicy cherry, sandalwood, blackberry and strawberry flavors that are attractive. 1,600 cases made.
Any comments on Sausal Zins. I understand that they have a very good Reserve. Has anyone out there tried it?

Also, Zahtila Vineyards. Do they have a mailing list? I tried to get them on the web but I am having difficulty getting their web site to work here. Probably operator error, but....

The weekend is closing in on us. Everyone please have a great time, enjoy a glass (two, three...) of wine with someone close and be safe so we can visit again next week.

Cheers all! [Big Grin]

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