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Does it make a difference if you suck the air out of a bottle of wine and put it in your fridge vs having one of THESE?

I'm looking at the "Napa." I posted this on another thread but nobody seemed to have an opinion.

Restaurants use them, and I think it would be nice to come home to the glass of your choice. Gimmicky? Anyone have one?
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I think you're asking if there is a difference between a Vacu-vin and these nitrogen charged cruvinet units.

Night and day.

Vacu-vins (and similar units) slow down oxidation, but the wines will oxidize over time. Much better than just sticking the cork in, but it doesn't compare to the nitrogen units. The nitrogen units have a pressurized layer of nitrogen over the wines and they will not oxidize (I suppose they may over a LONG period.) Translation: fresh wines for long periods of time.

I won't order wine by the glass from a restaurant unless I see a nitrogen charged cruvinet behind the bar.

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I agree. As my wife doesn't drink red wine, and I can't afford to have a hangover a few times a week, I I fill a 375ml bottle immediately after opening a 750ml. Fill it to almost touching the cork. It will last a few days in perfect condition. Remember, the wine was exposed to air and sloshed around, so don't assume you now have a half bottle of the wine that can be cellered or even stored for a few weeks. This works the best and I have tried everything.
For me personally, the investment of a cruvinet unit is a bit much. Then again, I usually do not have more than one bottle opened at a time and I do not typically have the bottle open for more than 3 days. I have found the Private Preserve wine preserver to be quite adequate. Easy to use, 120 plus uses per can, and just a few dollars investment.

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