Currently working on two stories for magazines about the residual effects of the Sideways craze. Would love to speak to a few of you via telephone about your take on the subject.
Leave an e-mail address or tell me the winery and I'll call.
Thanks for any help.
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I'm not sure I can be of much help... especially since I don't have a tasting room, and I've been sold out of wine since the movie hit big. But feel free to email me at if you have any specific questions. Who knows, I may have some info!

A couple of things I noted the past two weeks as I've been out and about:

SAVANNAH-CHANELLE VINEYARDS(408) 741-2930 now has a 100% Pinot Noir tasting option. They've always offered two different tastings but the all Pinot Noir is new. Almost everyone when we were there was doing the Pinot tasting. I spent 30 minutes or so Saturday night talking with the assistant cellar master and the tasting room manager at a party. They both said they have never been busier.

Not great leads for you but they might help. You could also try shannon at scmwa (dot) com She could probably find a few wineries that would be happy to talk with you.
Hey King,
I'm not making Pinot, my least favorite red, and I'm only using Merlot for blending in my upcoming Alexander Valley Cab.
But I have been working a tasting room that has several Pinots (no Merlot). If I can help from the tasting room perspective, let me know.

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