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I work in a restaurant that only goes through one distributor for wines which is quality wines in minneapolis. I'm bummed because geyser peak and clos du bois wines used to be good house wines, but now are over produced and not very good. geyser peak savignon blanc used to bo a very good value every vintage,but now isn't very good, and clos du bois is the same. darryl groom at geyser peak and margarat davenport at clos du bois should be ashamed. the briarcrest and marlstone used to be good vineyard wines for single vineyard. why do these wineries just want to sell product and not make good wine?
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Actually the `02 Geyser Peak SB I found to be a pretty decent and drinkable for it's price range of $8-10. WS didn't like it, apparently... rating it an 80. But it's a decent food wine.

Navarro, St Supery, and Ceago make good Sauvignon Blancs that can be had at great prices of $15 or so.

For good, dirt cheap house wine Cali Reds, Delicato Shiraz is a good buy. Retails for about $8.

For better representations, Alexander Valley Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon can be had for $10.

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I know you are talking about the low end CA value wines but... I was wondering why more restaurants don't buy a few cool wines direct from small wineries not sold by distributors in the Twin Cities. IE.. Loring,Brewer Clifton, Melville, Blackjack Ranch, Rafanelli, Paloma, David Arthur, etc. Why not offer customers something besides a full list of usual overpriced suspects. Most wine list in the Twin cities totally lack imagination and are marked up way too much. We had dinner at Oceanaire two weeks ago and they had Shafer Red Shoulder Ranch for $95/btl???? So I brought in a 99'Hanzell.

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Originally posted by DJ Hombre:
Interesting. While working up in Mendocino, I'm pretty sure that we ordered straight from a few wineries.

Within the same state is fine. California wineries can sell wine direct to restaurants and shops in California. A California winery cannot sell direct to restaurants or shops in another state.

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