I will be visiting the CA Central Coast next week, from Santa Barbara to San Simeon, and would like restaurant recommendations in the San Simeon, and San Luis Obispo areas. Thanks
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I've always enjoyed Sea Chest Oyster Bar


Cash only and I don't believe they take reservations. Wonderful place!

I haven't been to Sea Chest in over a decade but it was excellent. If you like steak, there is a place south of SLO called Jocko's in Nipomo that everyone seems to talk about. I haven't been there myself.
Giuseppe's in downtown SLO is a great Italian restaurant that I highly recommend. Their homemade gnocchi is delicious.

The restaurant at the Sycamore Hotsprings and hotel on the way out to Avila beach (just west of SLO) is also incredible. They also have nice hot tubs that you can get under beautiful old oaks up on the hill, and their hotel is very nice and quiet, and removed from the frat party scene of downtown San Luis. It was always a nice getaway for me and my girlfriend when we were going to school there.

Up north theres a good restaurant in Cambria out on Moonstone Dr that has a deck with a great view and good seafood. I highly recommend heading up further into Big Sur if you have the time. There are several incredible restaurants around Big Sur proper, although they can be very pricey (Post Ranch, Nepenthe).

Hope that helped. Have a great time!
check out The Range in Santa Margarita (about 5-10 min north of SLO, on the other side of The Grade)...great food, simple menu...small, but strong local wine list
No reservations and cash only, but well worth it.

Also ate at Bistro Laurent in Paso Robles last weekend, and it was really great...do the Tasting Menu.

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