Is anyone having as much difficulty as I am in buying wines that are rated by WS? Is there an online source to buy that will have these wines?

I live in a pretty big city and travel to other large metropolitan areas but have a hard time finding "best buys" etc.
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Best Buys usually go fast Try big distributors such as costco,bev mo, sam's club.Or do a search on wine or
Have you checked out the "Wine Retailers" section of this webiste? It lists stores for most places in North America and they usually have decent selections.
I usually find that has a good selection of wines that get good ratings. They currently have a number of 2000 bordeauxs in stock that made the top 100 list of 2003. They seem to have prices that go up as the ratings come out, but in general are pretty competitive. Just be careful when you buy that a delivery isn't made when it is real cold out and it freezes on your doorstep!

You'll just have to pay that small amount of retainer fee to find out. Wink

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I second K&L and you might check out Wine
Also, I receive emails from
Philip Chen <>

He often has some pretty good wines at good prices. Below is from his latest email. (I have no financial or other interest in Mr. Chen - just think his prices are good)

1. 30 mags(1.5L) of '01 Caymus, Cabernet @$115.00 ea (WS 92, $130-$175 current retail price*)
4. 24 bottles of '01 Ramey, Jericho Canyon Proprietary Red @$75.00 ea (Parker 97)
6. 24 bottles of '00 Rudd Estate, Oakville Estate Proprietary Red @$76.75 ea (Parker 93, WS 92, $100 on release)
7. 48 half-bottles(375ml) of '00 Paul Hobbs, Napa Cabernet @$18.50 ea (WS 88, Parker 88-89, $55 for 750ml on release. One of the well made wine from the difficult vintage and it is great price.)

1. 8 bottles of '01 Ramey, Hudson Vineyard Chardonnay @$45.00 ea (Parker 93, WS 93)
2. 24 bottles of '01 Newton, Unfiltered Chardonnay @$36.00 ea (Parker 94, $40-$57 current retail price*)
3. 36 bottles of '02 Forman, Chardonnay @$27.25 ea (Parker 93)
4. 6 bottles of '02 Araujo, Eisele Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc @$32.00 ea (Parker 92, the finest Sauvignon Blanc ever made from Araujo.)

1. 24 bottles of '01 Vine Hill Chardonnay @$85.50 ea (Parker 95)
2. 6 bottles of '01 Kistler Vineyard Chardonnay @$89.95 ea (Parker 95)
3. 6 bottles of '01 Hudson Vineyard Chardonnay @$79.95 ea(Parker 91)
4. 3 bottles of '01 Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay @$79.95 ea (Parker 92)
5. 3 bottles of '01 Cuvee Cathleen Chardonnay @$115.00 ea (Parker 96)

1. 24 bottles of '01 Chateau de Beaucastel, Chateauneuf-du-Pape(Rouge) @$55.00 ea (Parker 95-97)

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