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Originally posted by PURPLE:
It's akin to mozzarella that has been stored in water.

Buffalo Mozzarella is always stored in a water(y) solution, isn't it?

And yes, JC, I'm questioning the cheese, not the dealer.

Just questioning it's 'specialness' factor. Curious regarding people's feedback and 'is it worth it'?
Here in Montreal, I've come across types of Buffalo Mozzarella.

1) The common type, in plastic bag, in a water solution. Can be a touch rubbery and, at times, a little bland.

2) A richer and softer type, imported from Italy ($10/ball)

3) This one, seemingly similar to #2 but with possibly an even softer, richer and cottage cheese like center ($25/500g ball)
I've never heard of Burrata before until my trip to SF this past August where every restaurant we went to seemed to have it on their menu.

When we ordered it for the first time, the waiter explained that it was a mixture of fresh mozzarella and mascorpone cheese. Then the restaurant added some roasted garlic and EVOO. It's very tasty if you don't mind the texture.
Burrata is basically a type of mozzarella. The inside of it is almost like a mozzarella the consistency of a thick cream cheese though a little "gooyer" and a little more stringy. The outside is more or less what you get with any good fresh mozzarella. The most popular appetizer at one of my favorite Italian restaurants in SF (A16) is just a burrata, EVOO, and crostini.

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