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My cheap a## burr grinder finally kicked the bucket last week. Mad Frown

Need to find a good burr grinder that has a wide variety of settings, from espresso to French Press (my preferred method.)

Reliability, good performance and reasonable cost are my goals. I've looked at the Kitchen Aid models (+/- $200) but figured I'd tap the expertise available here before I pull the trigger.

Can you help a fella out? Smile

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The problem with the sub $100 burr grinders are the plastic mounts that that hold the burrs in place. Early on they are perfectly fine for espresso grinds, but over time the mounts get loose and the the evenness of grind goes out the window which results in poor pulls. For a lifetime grinder the Rancilio Rocky will never disappoint. Its pricey upfront but it will require little to no maintenance with regular use. The Rocky is as close to commercial grade in quality as a you can get for home use.

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