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Started of with jerk shrimp with mango/papaya salsa match with Dr. Heinz Wagner Saarburger Rausch '91, this Q.B.A. is as good as the day it was bottled, also had the JJ Prum Kabinett '04, awesome QPR. On to the main coarse Buffalo tenderloins and ribeyes with Dom. Tempier '00 and Dalla Valle '95. The tenderloins just melted in your mouth, I am a HUGE beef eater and this might replace it soon, I recommend you go out and find some! The '94 Cockburn was decanted a few hours ago and will drink soon, right after the dessert my girlfriend made, a pie with blueberries, raspberries and strawberries blended with cream cheese, cool whip,and sugars...MMMMMMM!!!
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I thought the same thing, but I want to re-visit it! Hopefully this link works this time, if not tasting notes are on the top of page 2. Cheers!!
Originally posted by Dom'n'Vin'sDad:
Vinosnob -

How was the Dalla Valle? I have heard that it is still "hard as nails"....

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