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Originally posted by Maverick:
Rob ... Please explain this:
... nine eleven tavern has the best in town but it's an unfriendly dive.
I don't understand how such a thing could be.


Buffalo wings are highly overrated. From anywhere.
I agree.

You've never been to an unfriendly dive? Where you walk in and they know you don't belong and you know you don't belong...

Maybe we went there on a bad night, the food was dirty good and worth it, but it wasn't the kind of place that left you all warm and fuzzy. They knew we weren't from around there and we weren't treated like long time patrons. It wasn't really rude but the place wasn't welcoming.
Buffalo us my home town. I've tried them all. The best wings are served at a dive bar in Hamburg called Mammoser's.

Duff's wings are variable. Anchor Bar solid but safe. Very touristy. At Mammoser's, if you order the hottest wings, you will not feel your lips for days. Only for adventurists! But the wings are always cooked to perfection and are the right size (not tiny and dry or huge and chewy).

One tip on wing orders, always order them extra crispy. This will assure that they stay in the fry basket a long enough to get the flavorful skin to hold in the chicken's natural juiciness and not get slimy.


When I lived in Niagara Falls, in the early 70s, there was a place called The Chicken Coop: 50 wings, plus celery sticks and bleu cheese dressing, for 5 bucks American, delivered!

A friend from high school worked his way through U.B. at the Anchor Bar, and shared Frank & Theresa's secret recipe with me. Anyone interested in making the original Anchor Bar chicken wings at home?

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