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Not that Bryan needs anymore press, as he's rapidly become THE MAN for premium meat here on the West Coast. But, he's soooo gracious and hospitable, I felt it deserved something.

I've been ordering from him since the start of summer, at least 5-10 times now. He's great to chat with on the phone, and is always very helpful. I finally decided to head up to his store this weekend and check it out. It's only about an hour drive. When we got there, he gave us the grand tour. He's recently done a bunch of improvements and was very proud of it, as he should be. The meat locker was incredible. So were the steaks that are aging for the Parker charity dinner (the best of the lot!).

Bryan has been well known for his 30 and 60 day Prime dry aged steak, but if any of you get a chance, the Sonoma Lamb (aged 10-15 days), and the Durhoc Pork are both fantastic alternatives. And, if you get a chance, pay him a visit. He's a people person, and I can tell he truly enjoys meeting the people he does business with.

We left with plenty of meat, complementary goodies (which he really should not have done), and incredibly warm feelings from a guy who deserves all of the great press he's been getting.

Thanks Bryan!
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I wholeheartedly agree - he's the man! I'm really jealous of your visit. I've never had a better NY Strip than those I've ordered from him. I opted for the approx. 30-day aged as opposed to the longer-aged cuts (I think he even has some getting close to 60 days! Too gamey for me). In any case, what I find most remarkable is the relative "bargain" for his meat of such unequaled quality.

Dom'n'Vin'sDad- he's somewhere in the SF Bay area: Flannery Fine Foods.
He's in Corte Madera. Which is basically Marin. Just off the 101 freeway on the west side. There's a whole shopping center there. Oddly enough, he's right accross from McDonald's. Talk about the two ends of the spectrum for meat quality!

I've had Lobels steaks, and the Heartbrand Beef meat from Texas, as well as plenty of other prime beef, and nobody is as good as Bryan's.

Right now you cannot order online, but it should be in the works. Just call them up. Ask to speak to Bryan, for the first time at least. He likes knowing his constituency. Here's a link to his site:

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