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I'll post both, either together or individually, sometime this weekend. I would before then but it is a lot of typing. BD, I hope you weren't planning on having the brisket this weekend. I know this weekend I'll be doing major amounts of grilling. Hamburgers (or "hangabers" as my 4-year old says) on Friday, 5 spice chicken thighs on Saturday, baby back ribs on Sunday.....I love holidays!!
Hey Chilepepper,
You're absolutely right! I should be banished! LOL. This weekend, I made a resolution to make an effort to learn how to make the traditional Texas dishes (brisket, ribs, bbq sandwiches, pecan pie, bbq, etc).

I made a pit stop in Chappell Hill, TX (famous for Chappell sausage), picked up a couple of pounds. I also picked up some dry brisket rub. It's in the oven right now. Will post results later.
So...the meat falls off with a touch of the for. Marinaded for 72 hours with a big bottle of Bass Pale Ale. The brisket seasoning I used was way powerful (a little too salty) so next time I am going to tone it down and maybe add a little brown sugar. Baked at 300 for 6 hours (turned over at halfway mark) covered in foil during the entire 6 hours. BD91
It looks like I'm a little too late to help Bella Donna, but I'll offer my thoughts anyway. Most South Texas brisket is prepared quite simply. Cold smoke the hell out of the beef for about 3-4 hours, then roast for 20 hours at 160-170. Season when it comes out of the oven / roaster. I smoke in my Brinkman, then bring the brisket inside, plop it into a suitably sized covered pan then cook it forever at 170 - the lowest temperature my oven goes to. If I could go to 140, I'd do that and cook it for 30 hours. Can't be beat.


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