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I have taken glasses to both restaurants and to friends homes. I have asked the host of the party if they minded that I brought my own glasses, and no one really seems to care. They know I am a wine freak, and take the drinking of wine seriously, so they sort of expect the unexpected. As for reastaurants, I would be surprised it the wiater, wine guy, or host said anything to you for bringing your own stems. They may think you are a bit odd, but everyone seems to get over it after about 5-10 minutes. I just make an announcement, telling the hostess or host and the waiter that I have my own stemware and wine, and they say, "no problem, would you like me to open you wine now, or later." The first few times, I felt a little awkward, but now it's no big deal.
I have never brought stemware to a restaurant.

I have eaten dinner with others who have, and I certainly appreciate drinking wine out of the nice stems rather than the clunky restaurant glasses. I understand why people bring their own stems, and I don't begrudge them that right.

That being said, I don't think I could ever bring stemware myself. There just seems to be something a little weird about it. I like to eat on fine bone china and with sterling silver utensils, should I bring them to a restaurant? Should I bring a dry-aged steak to Mortons and ask them to cook it instead of their wet-aged steak? I know that my point is a bit extreme, but for some reason I don't have a problem with bring a bottle of my own wine, but I do have a problem bringing stemware.

Maybe if I did, I would quickly get over my hang-up about it.
Originally posted by Board-O:
Originally posted by Rothko:
There just seems to be something a little weird about it.

Oh, I've been called a lot worse! Big Grin

Board-O, I know that you are a proponent for bringing your own stemware, and I have personally benefited from that, when we have eaten together. And certainly I do not mean anything negative about people who bring their own stems.

The weirdness exists only in my own mind.
Ok, part two of this question should be:
If you bring your own stems and byob, how does this effect the restaurants corkage policy?
It's got to be a lot tougher for them to do their song and dance about washing and breakage. Can they still justify charging $25 for just opening it? That works out to about $5 a twist, and now you're talking relative MLB-size overpayment for services rendered.

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