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Hi all

As many of you who already know me, I am in BC Canada. I mostly prefer to meetup for direct sale. But willing to ship (or meet) in Canada or West Coast USA. I have the following to offer. 

- 6x 2013 Shafer HIllside select Cab 1.5 MAGNUM   $700 CAD

-6x 30 Years Old Balvenie Whiskey  $1200 CAD

- 5x 2001 Lafite $1200 CAD

-6x 2004 Lafite $1200 CAD

-4x 2004 Latour $1000 CAD

-1x 1982 Mouton $2200 CAD

-1x 2012 Screaming Eagle $4000 CAD

-2x 2014 Screaming Eagle $3500 CAD

-1x Remy Martin Louis XIII 700ml  $3200 CAD


- I still have a bunch of Penfolds 707 and Grange including Mags collecting dust in the cellar. But i'll see if there is even any interest at all first.

-The first growths will only interest Canadian Buyers, since its in Canada and duty paid.


Since there is PM function now (LMAO) you may PM me direct.













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