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Im travelling to Napa Valley Oct 6-13 staying a couple of days in San Francisco when we first arrive and a friend of mine here in Toronto has a couple of cases of wine at his former in-laws house in San Francisco that he would like to sell so i offered to assist him, the list is as follows;

2 x 2001 Jordan Cab $200
1 x 2001 Pichon Baron $260
2 x 2002 Pichon Baron $225
1 x 2001 Lynch Bages $260
2 x 2002 Lynch Bages $210
1 x 2001 Cos D'Estournel $260
1 x 2001 Palmer $200
4 x 1988 Robert Mondavi Reserve Cab Sauv $100
2 x 1990 Robert Mondavi Reserve Cab Sauv $120
3 x 1994 Robert Mondavi Reserve Cab Sauv $150
2 x 1996 BV Georges de Latour $70
3 x 1998 BV Georges de Latour $90
1 x 1999 BV Georges de Latour $80

Prices are per bottle, stored in a wine fridge and purchased on release from local wine shops. My preference is to sell to local buyers but i may also ship if necessary.
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Originally posted by Italian Wino:
I am not in San Fran. Shipping would have to be worked out.


Im really trying to avoid shipping as its a pain in the ass and im really just trying to help out a friend, if you were looking for a case or something it might be worthwhile but cant see shipping 3 bottles

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