I love Bordeaux wines- left bank is probably my favorite wine style.  I just have not been buying current releases because 1) the prices for the high end wines have become stupid since the release of the 2005 vintage ( prices peaked with the 2009 and 2010 releases) and 2) it generally takes years for the wines to mature to the style that I prefer.  These days, I prefer to buy them with some age at auction-  cheaper than the new releases.

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It's spelled "Board-O", and you are correct: he is just not popular. In terms of releases, he was released from this forum quite awhile ago, but some say he has returned under an alias. 

Cindy Lou Who? Is that you?

Plus, it just doesn’t age well.


Wine Spectator has reviewed more than 300 wines from Bordeaux in each of the 2018 and 2017 vintages so far. Normally, our major reports are published in March (official blind tastings of the newly-released vintage in bottle, tasted in December) and  June (barrel tastings of the previous vintage, tasted "en primeur" in March). So if you miss those issues, it might seem as though we are not often reviewing Bordeaux. But we have published reviews of nearly 100 wines just in the past three months.

Since all the vintages 2014-2018 have earned outstanding ratings from us, you can buy pretty freely with confidence.

OK Cindy, you're a good sport for hanging around. Actually there's a lot of interest in Bordeaux and there are some great wines from there. It's a big region and not every wine is even good, much less great, but there are many that are worth looking at. And not every wine is super expensive either. You don't need to buy the most popular and expensive names. They may be better values than wines from Napa if you're looking in the $25-80 range. You just have to shop carefully.

If you're interested in specific wines, or suggestions for wines in a particular price point, post a question. There are a few people here who would be good resources and who can answer some of your questions.

Stick around and good luck!

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