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Hi there, 

I want to buy a case of Bordeaux wine to drink on my Sons birthday when he becomes 18 or 21. He was born in 2012. 

Besides that it has to be a great wine, I want to put an impressive wine on the table  

I consider Ch. Mouton Rothschild, Ch. Lafleur but Petit Cheval also might be an option but will a wine like that make it till 2033? 

Budget is up to € 550 a bottle. 

Advise is very welcome.

Kind regards,

Jan Willem



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I mean, to be honest, there is a mountain of quality difference between Petit Cheval and Lafleur.  Yes, the Petit Cheval will make it another 10+ years, but it is just no where near the quality of Lafleur (or Mouton).  

Of the high end, Lafleur is my favorite right bank wine.  (I've never had a good vintage of Petrus or any vintage of Le Pin, though.)  However, Haut-Brion is my favorite Bordeaux overall and can be a little less expensive than other similarly situated in stature Bordeaux (both banks).

There are a lot of left bank wines less expensive that Petit Cheval I would choose above it: Montrose, Cos d'Estournel, Leoville Las Cases, Pichon Baron.  And Palmer is a bit more than Petit Cheval but much less than first growths.

Note: I haven't had any major chateau 2012s yet.  I'm basing all of this upon older vintages.  I have had 2012 Poujeaux twice, however, and it seems to be a decent, probably slightly early maturing vintage.

Edited to add:  You are looking for a case.  I'm not certain when the other 11 bottles are to be consumed.  All of these wines will be in fine form in 2030 or 2033.  2045 is a different story.  If the idea is one bottle a year for 12 years starting in 2033, your best bet may be a first growth or else Leoville Las Cases.

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If your intention is to impress and you have that sort of budget, I would go with the Lafite.  Even if you don't drink it, it will significantly appreciate in value assuming reasonable storage conditions.  Older vintages of Chateau Montrose continue to impress me- I would personally go with that. Agree with Haut Bion comments.

i don't think you intended to include Petite Cheval in this list- I think you intended to include Cheval Blanc which is the grand cru from that producer.

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