Anyone familiar with any good restaurants in the Boone & Blowing Rock area? I will be there the week before the 4th (my family is already there). I used to frequent the area 7-10 years ago, but haven't been in awhile. I believe The Best Cellar is still there which I recall being good. TIA for any tips.
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The Best Cellar is still there and still pretty good. There is also a new location in Linville, NC (just up the road).

My former manager loves Crippens. I have never been there, but if he likes it, it is probably good (and expensive). It is in Blowing Rock.

Also in Blowing Rock is Gideon Ridge Inn. If you are not staying there, I believe you can still make reservations at the restaurant. It is absolutely fantastic. Yes, it is pricey. But it is worth every penny. The menu does change every weekend, and I believe it is a fixed price. You do have several choices for appetizers, entree, and dessert though. All ingredients are local and the chef is awesome. If you want to pay a little extra, he has a flight of wines that he pairs with each course. It is really good as well. I think it is 5 courses. Sorry, but I can't say enough good things about it.

Some folks also like the Gamekeeper. I have never eaten here, but I have heard mixed reviews. Some really like it, some are underwhelmed.

Not sure what your budget it is, but since it is sort of a touristy area, the restaurants tend to be on the pricey side. Hope that was helpful.
we were in asheville a few weeks ago, which is pretty close. if you make it there, i HIGHLY recommend cucina 24. excellent. res's available via opentable as well.
There's a new bar & Grill place on the main strip in Blowing rock. The name escapes me right now. There's also Knight's on Main in Blowing rock for fried oysters for Lunch on Friday. Smile

And the only wine shop I know of is in Boone just off the the main intersection called Peabody's. (The other is in a gas station in Blowing Rock which seems to have an above average storage temp.)
Forgot about Knight's. Good call.

You are right about that gas station in Blowing Rock. It is hot in there. A shame because their selection is pretty good IMO.

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