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Good morning -

I have a 4.5 lb boneless rib eye roast in the refrigerator. I could grill it as it is a beautiful fall day in Des Moines or I could convection roast it at a low temperature. Any suggestions or opinions?

How about the wine? My options are:

'95 Chateau La Grave - Pomerol
'99 Telegraphe Dom du Vieux - Chateauneuf Du Pape
'96 Mount Veeder - Cab
'98 Peter Lehmann -The Barozza - Shiraz

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Skip -

personal preference of course, but my absolute favorite way to have Rib Eye roast is bake in rock salt Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin my mouth is watering!

i line the bottom of a baking bowl (like a casserole dish) with layers of tin foil with plenting of extra foil on the sides (like wrapping a present with paper - only it's meat with foil Wink). put some rock salt in the bottom, then put the meat in the foil, pouring rock salt over the meat, finally wrapping in foil. about 350' oven, 15-20 minutes a pound for medium rare (remember, the rock salt will cook the meat a little slower then usual) and Oila! ohhhh... my goooooooood...

FYI - be liberal with the rock salt. once the meat is done and you unwrap the foil, just brush/wipe off the excess salt grains

thanks alot Skip... now i have to go to the store after golf today Razz

and dont forget to slice the leftovers for Sandwich's!

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