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The British version of blood sausage is called black pudding. I was born 8 miles from Bury in Lancashire, a town well known for making the best black puddings. Consequently I grew up on them and love them.

There's a couple of British stores in the area that sell frozen black pudding, but they aren't very good. So I thought it might be interesting to try versions from other countries.

So what other countries make blood sausage? What should I look for? And if you've ever had a good black pudding, how do they compare?
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Originally posted by seanr7:
YUCK Confused

I had this when in England and can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would wilingly eat this stuff. As far as I am concerned this rates right up there next to Vegemite.

Vegemite is good for you! Great stuff for breakfast, just like black pudding. hmm vegemite on toast and a fry up of black pud - breakfast of champions.

The only good blood sausage I've ever had has been the original black pudding.
Be respectful of local customs, Dave. Smile Besides, there is nothing bad about a good burger. Can't speak for corn dogs or grits (never had either), but I think they are all good candidates for food hell, together with marshmallows, super nachos and breakfast burrito.

Blood sausage is a staple back in the old country....And freshly burned pig ears and snout are a delicacy. Smile
Originally posted by Dave Tong:
McDonalds, Corn Dogs and Grits.

All 3 are bad analogies:

1) McDonald's is a vendor, not a discreet type of food. I'm proud to be from the country that gave the world hamburgers - it's no fair to single out a particular seller who took an already existing food (burgers) and found a way to superefficiently churn out extremely mediocre examples of that food.

2) Unlike blood sausage, the whole basis for eating a corn dog is NOT knowing what's in it.

3) Kinda hard to talk about America giving grits to the world when the South hasn't even successfully sold it to the rest of the country. that said, I like grits. Smile
As a winemaking student at Geisenheim, I would shop at the local "Metzgerei" and they had a fabulous airdried blood sausage. Long and wrinkled like a raisin, it was lightly spiced with cloves and whatnot. I would pare off thin slices and have it with Rheingau Riesling and fresh onions. Also, the wife of the Master under whom I did my apprenticeship before Geisenheim used fresh blood sausage, sliced them thin and tossed them with chopped onions and cider vinaigrette. Absolutely wonderful with Munster cheese and buttered bread. Try to search these dishes out if you are ever in southern Germany - its called "Blutwurst salat"

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