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I am having a birthday dinner this Saturday at the Kitchen Restaurant in Sacramento. Would appreciate some help in pairings to optimize the expereince. I will liekly bring a few bottles and buy one or two from their very good list (almost exclusively new world, CA). The menu is below. After that I am listing some of the wines I am contemplating to bring from my cellar. There are four of us, I am supplying all of the wine, and the meal will likely take 4+ hours. No one is drving Smile. Am plannign on 3-4 botttles plus a dessert wine.

Please let em know 1) what you think the ideal pairing (varietla) for each dish and which of my wines you'd recommend.

Normally I'd just wing it but I have had an abnormally difficult time. I figure a 2nd, 3rd opinion won't hurt. The first three courses seem like white or pinot would be most appropriate (unfortunately the weakest part of my cellar).

The menu..
1) Randall’s Barbecued Maine Lobster Mac and Cheese with Caprese Pasta, Italian Taleggio and Cheddar,Slow Roasted Turkey Jus and Black Truffle

2) Homemade Bacon Lardoons of Liberty Duck Breast in Puff Pastry with Potato and Carrot and a Salad of Frisee, Mache Fresh Hearts of Palm and a Poached Quail Egg

3) Japanese 'Katsuo' Tuna on a Bed of Virginia Sea Scallop Medallions with a Sauce of Wild Prawns, Chervil, Preserved Lemon and Trout Roe

4) Pure Bred Black Angus Tenderloin,
Oven-Roasted Wild Chanterelle Mushrooms,
Cabernet-Poached Grapes, Veal Stock Reduction
and Marrow ‘Bean’ Puree

5) Turnovers of Just-Picked Jonagold Apples,
Nancy's Cinnamon-Butter Ice Cream, Maple Sugar Sauce and ‘Kitchen’ Apple Fries

White I am brining:
2004 Kistler Cuvee Cathleen Chard (my all time favorite dry white)

Also thinking I will buy an Aubert or Kongsgaard chard from the restaurant as I have never tried either. Is this too much Chardonnay?

Reds contemplating from my cellar:
Old world:
98 Artadi Pagos Viejos
96 Cos d' Estournel
01 Clos des Papes
03 Ornellaia
97 Frescobaldi Castelgiocondo Brunello Riserva
99 or 2001 Fanti Brunello
01 Pio Cesare barolo Ornato

New world:
03 Williams Selyem Westside Road Pinot
03 Foley Claret
05 Switchback cab
05 Schrader T6

Dessert wines:
Was planning on 97 Disznoko Aszu Essencia but not sure if that will go with apple turnovers...other choices:

05 Baumard Quarts de Chaume
04 Kracher TBA (#9 or #10)
04 Muller Catoir Eiswein
04 Christoffel Urziner Wurzgarten Eiswein

Appreciate your recommendations...
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If you haven't been to The Kitchen before, you are in for a treat! And yes, plan on being there for four hours....

I would go with your chard, and instead of purchasing a chard from the list, go with bubbles - especially before dinner and to go with the sushi intermezzo, and possibly the third course.

The duck course screams Pinot to me.

As involved as the meat course is, I would probably go with a new world cab.

Have a great time!
1st thought: I have a strong preference for Aubert over Kongsgaard.

As to the menu, here is how I would pair it (without incorporating your specific wine selections).

1- Champagne or CA Chardonnay.

2- Rose Champagne

3- Champagne (or Riesling)

4- Almost any major red but not Pinot Noir or Gamay; If I could choose anything, I'd probably go Priorat

5- Sweet Loire


Dessert, for me, would be a no-brainer: 05 Baumard Quarts de Chaume

From your list of reds, while a Rioja, I would strongly, strongly encourage the Artadi. Second option would probably be the '99 Fanti Brunello.

The Frescobaldi is probably ready to go, but I'm just not in love with the wine, itself. The Cos should be great... but wuite young. The Clos de Papes may be closed down right now, but would work if it is not. I would outright veto the Pinot. Ornellaia is a great wine, and it can be great young and it might be my #3 red... but that is a young wine you have on your hands. If not the Ornellaia as my #3 red, it would be the Foley. Not a huge fan of the style, bu I think it would work well with the red meat dish you describe.

Hope this helps...
Winetarelli -

I am not sure the Fanti is quite ready yet. Have you had it recently? I have a couple and don't want to pop one too soon.

Their duck courses have paired well with pinot every time I have had them, FWIW.

The reason I went new world with the meat course is that it is usually a very "involved" course with lots of big flavors going on, and I thought an old world red might get lost or overpowered.

Just one man's opinion.... Wink
Appreciate the opinions..

I do like the classic pinot/duck pairing so will be going that direction. The third course is the one getting me in trouble...the rieslings I have are all Auslese or higher so am thinking too sweet.

Good news on the QdC is I love the wine and have 5 bottles..versus everyhting else is onesie twosie


1) Kistler chard
2) W-S Pinot
3) Bubbly- I didnt mention that they do a sushi/sashimi/crudo between courses 2 &3 so that'll work perfectly
4) I had purchased the Artadi thinking I'd drink it here so I might do that or one of the cabs...thats the easiest pairing.
5) Leaning toward the QdC but may still do one of the Eisweins.

Regaruidng bubbly- I have had very little in my lifetime and would recommend some help..I don't want ot pay the premium there for NV Krug, Dom or Cristal so here is whats left...what woudl you pick?

Champagne / Sparkling Wines (Full Bottles)
Bruno Paillard MV, Brut, Reims, France 70.00
Bruno Paillard MV, Brut Rose, Reims, France 90.00
Charles Heidsieck MV, Brut Reserve, Reims, France 58.00
Henriot MV, Brut, “Blanc Souverain”, Reims, France 80.00
Louis Roederer MV, “Brut Premier”, Reims, France 85.00
Mumm MV Brut, “Mumm de Cramant”, Reims, France 90.00
Robert Hunter 1999, Brut de Noirs, Extended Tirage, Sonoma Valley 50.00

Thanks again...can't wait.

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