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I have a bottle of the wine listed above but cannot find information about this wine anywhere on the web. I'm sure I have not looked in the right places. I can find some sites listing the non-reserve edition of this wine, but not the reserve.

I am curious to find tasting notes, optimum drinking date and current value. Any help would be most appreciated.
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Tenuta Greppo is the name of the property on which Biondi-Santi's winery sits. The Riserva is only made in outstanding years and from the older vines on the property. You can visit the website for more information on the estate. LINK.

Note that wines from this property are made in a very traditional style and tend to need a lot of bottle age. Without knowing what vintage you're asking about, I can't comment much more on a drinking window.

As for value, doesn't matter if you're planning on drinking it. The Riserva is quite expensive.
Considering that the wine is already 25 years old, I would say it's ready to go. 1983 was a very good vintage (4/5 stars from the Consorzio). If you plan on drinking it, stand it up for a week first to allow the sediment to collect. Open the wine, carefully pour the wine down into the shoulder and allow it to breathe a little. Careful pouring should not disturb the sediment much (if at all).

Evaluate the wine initially, but I would imagine it would probably need at least a half hour to open up. Follow the evolution of the wine in your glass over dinner with great friends.

Don't decant. I repeat, don't decant. Not even for sediment. You'll lose the nose.
You know, I wondered at first what type person I would find on this wine blog. I imagined snobs with no real understanding of the common guy, and our mere love of wine without breathtaking wine knowledge. I imagined individuals that would not take the time of day for a neophyte such as myself. And then . . . a true saint comes along. CaliCab, you are one in a million. I cannot thank you enough for you offer to help rid myself of this swill. You have saved me and I applaud you.

Good one CaliCab! Smile

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