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As an ammendment to my previous post, I should point out that I tend to prefer Chards which are not as oaked and fall more on the elegant side rather than the huge side. (Although Kistlers and Landmarks see plenty of oak, they never seem over the top to me.) If your preference is for the really big Chards with lots of vanillan and large amounts of oak (though still in balance) you might like:

Paul Hobbs
Beringer (particularly Sbragia Select)
Mer Soliel (I'm not the biggest fan of this wine, but people who really like big Chards tend to like it)

And on a more budgeted end:
Bedford Thompson
Mout Eden

There aren't many "Burgundian" Chards under $35 coming out of CA. And the ones I mentioned in my previous post still, would never pass as Burgundies (the occasional Peter Michael might be an exception to this rule).

I've never had a Marcassin but I'm told I need to try one in my lifetime -- that they are THAT good.


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The best "big" chardy from Australia is Pierro, from Margaret River Western Australia. The "big" chardy isn't a style I normally care too much for, but I got a half case of the 2001 Pierro recently.

I understand that their vineyards are next door to Leeuwin Estate, whose Art Series chardonnay is a standard bearer for lean tightly structured new world chardy.

They're a great compare and contrast pairing.

If the Pierro is too hard to find try looking for Hardy's Eileen Hardy chardy instead.

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Would have to add the '99 Ramey Hyde Vineyard Carneros Chardonnay to the list...arguably one of the best NA chards I ever tasted. Had this NYE w/lobster and it was an incredible match.

Oops! Should have read through Whiner15s' post (Ramey). I'd ditto him on the Landmark Damaris Reserve, too.

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My current favorite in that category and also a good QPR is the 2001 Chateau Souverain Alexander Valley Winemakers Reserve.

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