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Don't let the name fool you. We had lunch at Biff's in Toronto and I would be hard pressed to find a better meal anywhere.

Toronto is in the middle of Summerlicious (7/7-23), kind of a Restaurant Week. Biffs was offering a $20 three course lunch.

Jake started with the chilled leek and potato soup with minted summer pea cream. He then had the Flat iron steak frites. The steak was about 8 oz. served with excellent frites and a suprise of a salsa verde with mint in it on the side. Excellent.

Karen had the organic mixed greens with chevre and hezelnuts. Lightly dressed and very fresh. She doesn't normally like hazelnuts, but these were excellent. She then had the Crepe forestiere, chicken, summer truffle and mushrooms a la creme. She savored every bite and declared it one of the best meals she has ever had.

I started with the caramelixzed onion tart with anchovy and marinated tomatoes. It was superb. I then had the grilled calamari with charred Provencal ratatouille, and rouille crostini. To die for. The calamari was grilled perfectly, tender and flavorful, and the ratatouille was wonderful. Again, the salsa verde was on the side of the dish and was an excellent counterpoint.

Dessert was a wonderful lemon tart with blueberry compote and honey creme fraiche for me. Jake and Karen had the dark chocolate torte with brandied cherries and milk chocolate Anglaise.

Service was out of this world. Very formal yet friendly. She scraped the table between each course (mainly because we kept eating the wonderful crusty bread that was provided) was never obtrusive, but our water glasses were always full and the bread basket never empty.

I looked at the wine list. It was quite long, but rather expensive.

I wish we had had time to go back for dinner but alas, we didn't.
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