Will be going into the City on Wednesday and while my wife is at a show with my daughter, I would like to hang out and drink some wine. Any suggestions?
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Which show. Assuming it is Broadway... Morrells is close (walking distance) to Broadway, and would be a good choice. Babbo also has a wine bar... and it is great (provided you like Italian). However, you'll have to take a subway or two to get to it.
Morrell's at Rockefeller Centre is yr best bet, by far the most choices. Some of the bars at good restaurants are OK but sitting in Rock Centre with a glass of wine in the afternoon this time of the year is hard to beat.

Have fun.
Morrells is OK but expensive, and the last place I'd want to be near New Years is Rockefeller Center (I walked through on Thurs. Dec. 30th - it was miserable).

I'd go to CRU and sit at their bar. It's cheaper than Morrells, they have a MUCH better selection, and the tapas are great too.
Enjoyed Morrell's quite a bit thanks for the recommendations. I will admit that it was crowded as all get out, but it was close to where my brother-in-law works, so it was the best choice.
We visited Morrell's last Sat night. They had an outstanding selection, but they couldn't find the first two bottles we ordered.

It's a nice place but I thought the guy behind the bar could have been a little bit nicer and knowledgeable. He didn't know what was on the cheese plate. Roll Eyes
Morrell's is way overpriced. I lived in Manhattan until May, so with some degree of seriousness, I can say that Otto, even though it's all Italian, is undoubtedly the best. However, I also like Paradou in the meatpacking district, which is all French.

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