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Yes I know the list is extensive but just thought I would give it a shot. If I go in their blindly I'm sure I'll miss on at least 2-3 bottles but if I go in there with a mission I might be more successful. So if you don't mind, a few recs would be great.

Because I don't have access to some of these wines otherwise, I'm particularly interested in:
all regions italy
all regions spain

Really looking to get a good oregon pinot, napa cab and a good merlot.

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Your link goes to a Total Wine. If you do indeed have access to a Total Wine, go there. You may have to spend some time talking to several of the TW sales people until you find one you feel comfortable with, but when you do, that will be invaluable to your wine education. I've had good experiences with TW sales people. The prices won't necessarily be the cheapest on what you're interested in, but the variety is quite good.

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