With a mushroom duxelle-like 'stuffing' and duck/goose liver pâté.

I was thinking a 1999 Barbaresco, is that a definite failing combination, or is there a more suitable pairing?

Oddly enough, Google didn't give me much.
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Cabernet Franc.

Good call.

Another avenue - Burgundy. The earthiness of the "mushroom stuffing" would be complimented without overpowering the somewhat more delicate beef flavor of tenderloin.
I agree with WIML.
A 1982 Chateau Cheyval Blanc should do nicely.
But, if you don't happen to have one of those lying around, I think this is a good match with a Merlot or a Sangiovese.
Are you cooking the B.W. with wine? If so, you might consider that the wine you are using to cook with might be the right match.
No cab franc, and no Burgundy, and no sangiovese that's ready to drink.

And no, I'm not cooking with any wine.

I have a 1990 Château Bourgneuf, that would be the best merlot I have on hand.
An older Cote Rotie would work quite well, and I suspect one from Ribero del Duero would pass the test as well.

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