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This is my second annual thread on the topic, and the premise is simple. Please list the best new restaurants, you went there for the first time this year, of 2006. Some on my list came from the 2005 thread.

I was fortunate to travel extensively in 2006, so my list is somewhat long.

1) Zula - Houston, TX Worthy of rating
2) Damians - Houston, TX North Itl, to die for
3) Lola - Dallas, TX Food & wine list both good
4) Zizikis - Dallas, TX Greek cuisine
5) Marios - Nashville, TN North Itl, incredible
6) Suilan - Atlantic City Asian fusion, great t
7) Spechio - Atlantic City North Itl,great
8) Riccis - Wash DC North Itl, to die for
9) Sobys - Greenville, SC Contemporary
10) Restaurant O - Greenville, SC Steakhouse
11) Tribeca Grill - NYC Excellent wine list
12) Buddakan - NYC Asian fusion, great
13) Mesa Grill - NYC Southwest, Bobby Flay

Hopefully, many of you discovered some great new places and can add to the list.
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8) Riccis - Wash DC North Itl, to die for

I'm not familiar with this one, and I'm a foodie in DC. You sure you spelled this right? I Ricchi, a very good Tuscan restaurant is in DC, but it isn't new.

If you make it to DC again, you must try Dino in Cleveland Park. Good Italian food and a wine list that is to die for (if you are really into Italian wine) because it is huge and extremely well priced (everything is $20 over retail, regardless of the retail price. And early in the week, M-W I think, all wines over $50 are discounted 30%)
Ristorante i Ricchi. It gets mixed reviews here in DC. Usually considered to have good food, so so service. However, the competition here in the city is so fierce that no restaurant can rest on its laurels.

Since you seem to like Italian food, aside from Dino's which is my favorite, especially because of the wonderful wine list, I'd also recommend Tosca Ristorante and if you want one of the very best Maestro in the Tyson's Ritz Carlton.
Originally posted by Sky:
Pyang, since you like Ame, do you also recommend Terra? Visiting Napa in a few weeks and having dinner at French Laundry one of the nights and was debating between Terra, Press and Bistro Jeanty for another dinner. Sorry, don't mean to hijack the thread.

I would recommend Terra, but it's not nearly as Japan-centric as Ame.

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