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I am going to make Julie Child's classic bouef bourgignon dish for the first time next week. I know I shouldn't mess with the master's recipe, but does anyone experienced with making this dish recommend a cut of beef they think works better than the rump pot roast (or bottom round) that she calls for?
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short rib and chuck will splinter and not hold together very well, but are very common.

I prefer to use flank, round or sirloin (actually, I prefer neck and arm roasts, but those are hard to find absent an old school butcher). They will hold their shape and not splinter. All three have a solid beef flavor and will really tenderize over a 4+ hour braise. If I use round, I cut the cubes a little smaller than i would for flank or sirloin. Maybe 1-1.5 inch cubes for flank and sirloin and .5-.75 inch for Round. I would also go smaller on the chuck/short rib as they tend to splint and your beef bourguignon starts to look like chipped beef if you aren't careful.
Originally posted by grossie:
I like the choice of meat, but aren't you supposed to pair boeuf bourguignon with bourgogne?

How was that 95 Beaucastel? I'm sitting on one but I doubt it's readiness.

on the pairing, was already planning to open the beaucastel, and it went nicely with the dish. as for the wine, it was definitely ready to go. just posted TN here.
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