Im looking for suggestions on which cheeses and which appetizers would best be matched with Carmenere. Does anyone have any recomendations/experience? Thanks
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Depends on which carmemere, really. If it's a cheapie, then any typical red wine cheese or appetiser would work. If it's a big chewy one, like Terrunyo, for example, then something that matches well with a California cab or zin would be best.
I just posted a TN on that wine. I cannot imagine a cheese really standing up to it, except perhaps something hard and salty like parmigiano or a Stilton. Perhaps rare roast beef slices or something made with blue cheese for an appetiser.
I'd cube a filet into 1" chunks, marinate them w/some button mushrooms in Worcestershire and/or Terayaki, garlic, and onion. Skewer them and give a quick searing in a skillet, seasoned w/cracked pepper and kosher salt. Simple, quick, and tasty.

For something exotic, try some ostrich carppaccio drizzled w/EVOO and cracked black peppercorns. The gaminess of the ostrich will be a big hit w/the Terrunyo.

For cheeses, Stilton would work, as would the Parm, though you might find some softer, stinky cheeses that would work well, too.
Thank you for the great suggestions Kybo. Unfortunately I wont be able to get the Terrunyo afterall Frown There were 4 at the local LCBO but someone scooped them all up a day before i got there. Was it one of you? I hope they re-order some. I was really looking forward to trying this well reviewed wine.

If you are refering to the 4 bottles that were at the Oak Park LCBO in Oakville.... that 'someone' would be me Razz. Sorry!
Damn you OakvilleAl! Mad heh. Seriously, I was sooo disapointed. I was actually in the store and had a bottle in my hands. I contemplated the purchase and thought to myself "Ill just think about it for a couple days". A couple days later, I checked the inventory online which showed all bottles still there and the next day I went to the store to pick one up and they're all gone. I didnt understand people's frustration with the LCBO until this incident. So... did you see my post about how I was interested in picking up the Terrunyo and then hurry over to the store to beat me to it? Wink Could you part with a bottle? I used to live in Oakville if it makes a difference hehe.
Too funny is right! After thinking about it, I actually picked up 3 of the Carmenere and one of the Cab. Sauv. (so someone else must of bought the last bottle after me Smile It wasnt your post that made me rush out and buy them but actually Bman's tasting note (see my post following Bman's note on Jan 25th).

If you are still interested email me at aturcotte4 at hotmail dot com and I'll gladly sell you a bottle.

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