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I'm in town on business for a couple of days. I consider myself spoiled by the vast variety of awesome domestic microbrews readily available in Seattle. That said, my small exposure to NYC has been one of amazing food, but a general GOOD beer wasteland.

Since I love beers from our shores (I'm not so much into the world of European beers), where would you recommend I go in New York?

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there has always been good beer in NYC.

Gingerman kinda sucks imo, unless you like not getting service and being packed to the walls not able to hear your neighbor.

hop devil grill, stout, peculiar pub, house of brews,blind tiger in manhattan

in brooklyn you have places like rebar, henry street ale house, brazen head and the list really goes on.
Originally posted by wineabdul:
The Chip Shop on Atlantic Ave, not far from your hotel. They have a beer geek there.

umm he already went out there chum. That being said, I am bartending at one of my old haunts Dive 96th street. At least 20 beers on draft and about 70 by the bottle from all over the world.

My latest find was Estrella from Spain..

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