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I have enjoyed the 07 Honig and stocked up, and have bought some of the 07 Round Pond, but I have not yet tried it. Another that I have tried and liked enough to pick up almost a case is the B V Tapestry Reserve. It is a mostly cabernet Bordeaux blend, and can be found all over for 29.99 on sale. I have not tried a Turnbull cab in years, but have been looking for the 07. I think this is an interesting price point, very affordable, but the better wines here offer interest and complexity that most QPRs below this range do not. I hope you get lots of responses.
Originally posted by AZwineRyan:
2007 Raymond Reserve
2007 Chappellet Mountain Cuvee (Cab blend)
2007 BV Tapestry Reserve (another Cab blend)
2007 Merryvale Starmont
2007 Groth (a bit more than $35 for most)
2007 Cameron Hughes Lots 116, 143, 149, 157 and 164
2007 Robert Mondavi

I still need to try the 07 BV Rutherford, but I'm sure it's another good QPR.

Hey Ryan, You know you can still get the Merryvale Starmont at Spectrum mall Costco for 9.97. For that price I love the stuff :-)
With the number of recommendations for the BV Tapestry, I'll have to give it another try. I used to be a regular buyer in the mid 90s, but seemed to run into more than a few off bottles. I drank my last two '97s a few months apart a couple of years ago. The first one tasted way past it's prime. When I opened the last one I wasn't too hopeful, but it tasted great with plenty of life left.
Originally posted by Dave Tong BBP:
I have yet to try a single 2007 Napa cab under $35 that was as good as Ridge or Stefania.

I've started working my way through some of the suggestions on this thread to stock up.

First up was an 07 BV Rutherford, compared against the second half (opened last night) of an 07 Stefania Chaine d'Or. While I feel the 07 Stefania's need more time than the previous couple of vintages, the BV came across as more disjointed and thinner than the Stefania. One down, many more to go.
haven't had it yet, but 6 of these just arrived(also along with more Round Pond Razz):
2006 wallis family estate diamond mountain cab

Wine Enthusiast,
"A superior Cabernet that shows, first and foremost, Diamond Mountain's famous tannins. They make the mouthfeel a little hard, but the wine is so rich in blackberries and plums, you hardly notice. Beautiful now, with decanting, and should develop for six years." 92 points
Originally posted by PDNNYC:
Thanks for the tip. Bought more Round Pond '07 at $40 with free shipping ($50 from the winery). Still wondering if anybody has tried their new 07 Bovet Cab bottling.
Thanks for the note. I had never had any, but the reviews here and on CT lead me to a cab tasting where it was poured, very impressed. There really is a lot of great wine at this price. Also on sale that night just over $35.00 was Robert Craig Affinity,good as well.
I forgot about Hardin...a sort of off-brand I think that is real good.

Also, I cannot find the 2007 Tapestry locally here, only the 2006 Everywhere. Don't really want to ship from out of town this time of year.I bought pretty much every vintage till the cellar taint period BV had a while back.

Did find the Honig 2007 and stocked up just this morning.

I am a very much cheapskate, (no, I really am) and haven't bought Napa cabs for years until the 07's.

Quite happy with the current stash of Hardin, Honig, and Robert Mondavi.
Originally posted by txgolfpro:
If you mean actual purchase price and not release price, 2007 Round Pond. Very lucky to get this on sale. Drank one and I will cellar the rest for many years.

Another good luck on that price. If you can get it there, stock up. Great wine.

2007 St. Clement is a bargain.
2007 Beringer KV Cab (yes, I know it isn't Napa, is great juice for under $20)
2007 Nine Points is very nice for under $20 - get it on sale - don't pay more than $20.
The Round Pond was nice, around $38 in Houston. Others would be the 2007 Avalon $12, very popular during Christmas parties everyone seems to love it, as well as the Educated Guess but the stores are running out of the 2007. But my fave is Caravan $32, really hitting its stride, an espresso-mocha version of Napa cab. The Mondavi is nice, will have to try the BV Rutherford.
Interesting comments from the others so far. For some I would agree (Honig) while others less so (ZD). And if you can by '07 Groth Cab under $30 please let me know where? I'll buy all they have!

The one that I would recommend is called Gnarly Head. It's sold in grocery stores here in Texas for about $12~$15 per bottle. Surely not the highest of quality but a good QPR.

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