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IW, I've eaten there several times. I used to live in Hyde Park and that is when I was there. Since I've moved out to the 'burbs about 6 years ago I've not been there. I thought it was a decent sushi place but not necessarily my favorite in 'nati. I recall reading something in the paper in the past 2 years that they were caught using some lower grade fish. I can't recall the exact details.
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Originally posted by bottmfishr:
Hyde Park Gourmet is hosting a Brian Loring wine dinner at Beluga. I think it's next week. You can call Evelyn for more information at (513) 533-4329.

Altaholic --
Sorry -- I put down the wrong shop contact info. See correction above. And they're not serving sushi -- it's king crab salad, a roasted lamb dish and filet mignon. Should pair great with Brian's wines...
The food and wines were very good. My favorite was the 2005 Loring Gary's Vyrd. It has come together nice in the last year. Meeting Brian was the highlight. He is energetic, passionate and truly a friendly person to talk to. I look forward to my next meeting with him. If you ever get the chance to meet Brian you should not pass it up.


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