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Smoky, fatty, savory nose that shows in the flavor profile. Even a wee bit floral. Grapey (no resemblance to Welch’s, pure fruit, not sugar) fruit combined with sweet, ripe, red fruits and some berries. Plenty of spice and perfect cohesion between all sweet and savory flavors mentioned. The sweetness is very pure and I liken it too honey. Very little tannin, there is a decent amount of acidity but it rarely approaches bitterness.

Best $19.95 I have spent in a while. I really like these Willamette Valley, Oregon Pinot Noirs. This wine is just too easy too like and offers up a lot for very little money. Please note the 13.6% alcohol which I think improves any wines chances of being balanced.

89-91 Points
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Keeno, those Pinots mentioned are ones that I had very close to the same time as the Belle Vallee. Not one of those CA hotshots even came close to offering me the pleasure that the Belle Vallee did. Honestly I found them unbalanced and cloying and a bit simple. Then again, maybe a little age and it would be a different story. For me the BV really stood tall. Personal preference is funny, huh? At the very least we can agree that it is a good wine.

PurpleTeeth, I knew you had good taste.
spo: didn't realize that you were comparing these side by side, so that is certainly very impressive that the Belle Vallee stood out the way it did. My comment about not being able to compare the Belle Vallee to the CA producers had more to do with the wines being such different styles (riper and more full bodied on most of the CA wines you mentioned) than the quality of the wine - but pinot is pinot I guess, regardless of style. Which Radio-Coteau wines did you sample next to it? I would have thought those wines would have been more comparable. Try the Londer Anderson Valley 2005 if you haven't already - I think you will approve. My notes on it were similar to the Belle Vallee, with the Londer being a little riper.
I will keep an eye out for the Londer, thanks.

Keeno, I had the Balle Vallee by itself. The other wines I had in the last month or two with some off-line group guys. The only thing these wines had in common is that I found them sharp and uninteresting. The radio coteau is the one I tried.

2005 Radio-Coteau Pinot Noir La Neblina
I liked this better when it was young. My description above is still pretty much what this wine is all about. The difference with age is that the acidity mellowed and the fruit is a little bigger than I would like even at close to 3 years later. I have come to believe that in some wines youthful acid and tannin hold flavors in check and balance a wine. 88 Points

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