Dear sir/madam,

My name is Carlton St.Hill and residing in St.Maarten (netherlands antilles). I'm presently working as a wine and spirits salesman. The name of the company is called Caribbean Liquors & Tobacco. Here on St.Maarten we are the distributors for the Hennessy Moet group, Calvet wines, Ruffino wines, Baron Phillip de Rothschild, jose cuervo tequila, coorslight beer, evian water, jim beam whisky, grand marnier e.t.c, just to name a few. I'm presently working for this company just under two years. However, the last company I worked for, were the distributors for wines carried by Palm Bay Imports. The carried wines such as Beringer, Cavit, bertani, Rocca delle Macie, Sutterhome, Stags leap, Brown brothers, Rosemount e.t.c to name a few. Here I worked for ten years.

At my present company I'm the person with the most knowledge on wines. Over the years I've educated myself through reading and tasting. I've read from Oz Clark to Robert Parker and even reads the Wine Enthusiast and Wine Spectator when i can. Since St.Maarten is half french half dutch and a duty free port, i've been exposed to tons of french wines as well as other european wines. I've been studying France; from champagne to Cote de Provence and Bordeaux to Bourgogne. Presently at the Pelican Resort locally, every wednesday at 5:00pm I conduct a sit-down wine tasting for about 40 - 50 persons.

With all this said, I have no certificates nor have I ever been to any wine school of any sort. I've on many occasions invited different wine suppliers of our company to my wine tastings. They would always compliment me on a job well done. However, i want to start doing the different courses and becoming certified.

I went on the internet and i choose your school. If you are the right school for me please send me the necessary info i need to start or if not would you have an address or suggestion as to where or whom I should speak to?

Thanks for your prompt response.

Carlton P. St.Hill
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Hi Carlton,
Sorry for the delay in responding -- I'm in Tuscany shooting harvest (and Suckling doing some tastings).

There are a number of organizations that grant certifications: Wine Spectator School, the Court of Master Sommelers, the American Sommelier Society. I believe there are some French organizations that might have what you're looking for.

I'm here if you have any more questions.


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