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Every year I look forward to purchasing a few fruity young bottles of the new beaujolais and sometimes the new Italian wines. I usually check the newspaper the morning of the third Thursday of November (the 18th this year) for the best choices. Does anyone know of any online sites where these wines will be rated before? I would love to be able to order them at the SAQ (Quebec liquor store) and avoid the line ups. I need to have the best!

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I too stop on the way home on the 3rd Thursday of November to pick up the "new" Beaujolais. I usually pick up a Georges Debouf and Jos. Drouhin and maybe whatever else my wine shop has that they are recommending. Of course a tasting at the shop is in order too!

Yes, many people look down on this wine and this event, I don't. I look forward to it for its fun and tradition. When else do you and your friends get together mid week to celebrate something light hearted and frivolous just for the FUN of it??

There's nothing wrong with it.
Exept that it's part of a gigantesque publicity machine, of course.

And that it's not really wine. Or is it? It's made of fermented grape most, having at least 8% of alcohol, so legally it's wine alright.

But it's refreshing, I guess, and it can be fun to drown yourself into a certain hype every now and then.

If you are looking for reviews on Beaujolais Nouveau, WS publishes an article and tasting report on them every year. It comes out the day the wines are released or perhaps the day before. However, with the articles portion of the site being pay now I'm not sure if you will be able to access it without a full subscription. Here is the link to the 2003 report. Again you might not be able to access it if you don't have a full subscription.

Thank you Vino Me for your suggestion. I checked out last year's report and noticed that most of the wines listed were not sold in the Montreal area in 2003. This doesn't surprise me as I noticed different Beaujolais Nouveaux at a wine store in New York City a couple of years ago. I think I will check the Newspaper early Thursday morning and reserve my wine before the "top picks" disappear. In the past, we have had line ups at our liquor stores in Quebec. It was quite the annual event although I believe the novelty has worn off somewhat.

I realize this wine does not appeal to all tastes but I find it a refreshing fruity wine that I look forward to every year. I will often bring it to my friend's place during the holiday season. It has become an expected tradition. The wine's alcohol content is between 11 and 13%.
Thanks epeeist. I tried Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau last year. The number 1 pick in the papers was Beaujolais Villages Nouveau Chateau de Montmelas 2003 and 2nd was Beaujolais Villages Nouveau Patriarche 2003. They both stood out from the rest although they were $15.95 a bottle. That is where I have a problem. I find the price is too steep for the wine itself.

[QUOTE]Originally posted by epeeist:
Actually, I suggest you try Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau. Only a bit more, but -- to my taste, at least -- much nicer than regular Beaujolais Nouveau.
You made me curious. So I checked the lcbo winelist.
I wouldn't bother too much about Beaujolais Nouveau at these rates.
The Dubœuf Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau is there at that same huge 15.95 Canadian.
Jeez. We have it here at 5,69 euros, VAT included. That's 8.76 CAD.

Emigrating from this tiny fascist kingdom of ours seems a wee bit less attractive to me now.
Once again, it is the time of year for "The King Wore No Clothes"! Yes, it's Nouveau time!

FedEX, DHL, and all of those other overnighter's speed that wine (before it is over the hill) to party waiting wino's who really enjoy the regalia of the Nouveau parties.

Well, I guess it's okay-----after all, I like Macaroni Grill jug wine (kool aid with a buzz) Eek Confused Big Grin Razz
I've never had Beaujolais Nouveau and would like to give it a try. Several of you have mentioned reading the papers Thursday morning to check out the 2004 vintage. Which papers are you speaking of? Would the LA TIMES carry a report?

I'm going to try to make a Beaujolais Nouveau tasting in my neighborhood on Thursday afternoon...but no word on what they are serving. What recommendations of producers do you folks suggest I try (I believe Georges Debouf and Jos. Drouhin were mentioned earlier)? Or should I refer to the reports first?

Also, what do you feel is an acceptable price range for these wines?(Both the Beaujolais and Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau)?

Thanks for the is much appreciated!
It's true that Nouveau is more hype than wine, but it does offer the first taste of the new harvest, and for me that has value in itself.

It's unlikely you'll find reviews of 2004 Nouveau before they're released, because the wines are kept under tight wraps until the Big Day. But Wine Spectator will be tasting a handful of them on Thursday, Nov. 18, and posting our reactions either that day or the next.

In general, there aren't wide differences in quality among the various Nouveaus, though "house style" has some influence on character (DuBoeuf fruity, Mommessin supple, for example). Also vintage character: while 2003 was a hot year, making richer wines, 2004 promises more balance.

"Regular" Beaujolais and Nouveau differ in many ways, principally in vinification. The result is that the non-Nouveaus generally have bigger structures, better balance, more alcohol and are basically better wines.

But again, that doesn't mean it isn't fun to quaff a light, fruity, slightly chilled Nouveau with a bowl of onion soup or some country pate and think about the harvest past, and the vintage's wines still to come.

Thomas Matthews
Executive editor
Thanks for the link mwagner...I had seen that before...very helpful.

What is an appropriate price range though (for both Beaujolias Noveau and Beaujolias-Villages Noveau)?

What are everyone's favorite producers?

What "papers" are you reading Thursday morning?

Have found a couple of on Thursday (at BevMo) and one on Saturday at a lovely little wine shop in Pasadena. Will try to check them out.

Thanks everyone!
[QUOTE]Originally posted by rowjo:
What are everyone's favorite producers?

What "papers" are you reading Thursday morning?

I normally go with the top suggested wines posted in our local newspaper. For me,that is the Montreal Gazette. I will buy the paper early morning before the wine store opens and try to get to the store before the top picks are sold out. Let us know what you think of the wine! We have a problem in Quebec this year. Our liquor store is in the middle of negociating a new work contract and they are threatening to strike tomorrow for the day. Eek

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