I'm passing through bay the area mid November and looking for a butcher shop that sells really good grass fed beef, or specializes in dry aged beef, or something extra nice to sous vide or grill or bbq at our airb&b further north. I'll also be passing through the Napa area (Russian river area east through Napa, Yountville etc) after some work in SF and any dining recommendations (I'll be by myself on this leg of the trip, so a place with bar seating is preferable)  would be great.  Thanks for any info.

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No, sorry if that wasn't clear, although I admittedly don't know why sous vide isn't good with dry aged beef, so cooking reccos are helpful as well. For this trip I'm not picky about grass fed vs prime, dry aged, or anything else. Just looking for something really nice, and am willing to be spendy on the beef since we're planning on holiday style dinners with good wine but some sort of individual portion steaks (ribeye, porterhouse etc) would be preferable over a roast or a big piece to carve, unless it's something like a giant porterhouse for 4 people is doable.

I've never had it, but I've read lots of people rave about Flannery Beef especially their dry aged rib cap.  You can order online.

A cheaper alternative would be Costco prime beef.  They do sell rib caps but they aren't aged and are already cut in individual serving sizes as are their NY strips and rib eyes.  

Hopefully others will chime in with more local options.

If you want non-beef options, I've ordered from d'Artagnan in the past, and you can put together a cassoulet ingredient package.  

Alexander's in Cupertino used to have a butchers counter.  I haven't been in there in years to know if they still do, and no idea if the one in San Francisco does or does not, but maybe worth a call.  I remember it being very expensive though.

Not in your intended path but Rocca's Market in San Martin is a full service butcher, with prime beef.  Right now they have prime tomahawk ribeyes and Wagyu ribeyes in the case.  http://roccasmarket.isoars.com/index.html

Thanks again for the info. I drove straight through the Bay area mostly due to the terribly smoky air, and picked up  steaks in Napa (I don't have a Costco membership, and couldn't find  Flannery) . There's a place called Five Dot Ranch in a really cool indoor public market (farmers' market, oyster bar,  restaurants, etc). I got some 45 day dry aged NY strip steaks and they were great. They had cuts I'd never heard of, and they will also cook your steak to eat there if you want. I went to Mustards for lunch earlier in the day and it was great as I remember. It'd been about 10 years since I'd last been there. Also picked up some of my fall list wines along the way.

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