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@flwino posted:

I opened a few shutters, and let them ready for use.  Still have not replaced many small items on the patio.  So as Rothko says "

let's stay vigilant and pray we don't get a new one."


Was very happy it missed S. Florida, as we had not closed the shutters at the Hollywood house and our friend who normally does it when we are away was tied up.  Have not been up there for almost 2 months.

When we go up for a couple days in 2 weeks, I plan on closing them all for the rest of the season

My brother, a meteorologist, told me this:

"In the likely direct path of Laura is/was Cameron, LA. It was hit by Hurricane Audrey in 1957 and 300 people in the town died. It was hit by two other strong Hurricanes (Rita and Ike) in 2005 and 2008. The town is probably down to below 400 in 'permanent' population with most of the population living in mobile homes."

@g-man posted:

Does that mean more mosquitos?

No more than normal.  Mosquitoes seem to be more or less prolific dependent on how cold our winter is.  During the summer you can make sure water sources are not available, spray bushes and other nesting sites, etc... to cut down on mosquitoes.  You can even hire a treatment service.  Frankly, they rarely both me.  I'm too old, mean and not very tasty.

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