Baricci Brunello 2007

Wow. This wine surprised me. What a great example of a brunello from this 5 star 2007 vintage. Smooth, elegant with just the right amount of acidity and tanins. Beautiful fruit and very subtle complexity. If you can get this wine do so. It is a winner
Rated 94
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Good to see that there are some more '07 Brunelli out there that actually taste like a 5-star vintage! I found a lot of wines quite disappointing...

I have not tasted the Baricci very often (only the '04 and '06 vintages) but I like the refinement and classic Brunello character. Considering the small production quantities it might be hard to get some.
I did not know much about Baricci but I looked for it as Kerin O'Keefe talked really well about their Brunellos and Rossos in her book, especially 2006 BdM: "The 2006 is fantastic, with layers of flavors and great length". It was a discovery for me, as here in Switzerland wine shops are full of Pian delle Vigne, Castelgiocondo, Banfi and Casanova di Neri, yuk!
I loved its balance and depth: I bought a case of 2006 and a mixed case of 2007 and Rosso 2010 when I was in Montalcino last June. I should have gotten more...
Originally posted by nose:
The joy is in finding boutique artiginale producers.

Totally agree with that. This has made my many trips to Montalcino over the past decade so worthwhile.
Though I also much appreciate some of the more established 'classics' such as Fuligni, Costanti and Lisini. But then again, those producers might count as 'boutique' by most standards and certainly maintain an 'artiginale' approach to wine making.

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