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And I found out it's really a cultural thing too.

Long ago I had a girlfriend who went over to a friend's house. For dessert that friend made baked apples. My girlfriend was shocked. She tells her best friend, "They put an apple in the oven and called it dessert!"

"Haven't you ever heard of a baked apple?" the friend asked, puzzled.

She tells another friend and gets the same reaction.

Then she goes home and tells her mother.

"Well, you know white people," her mother says.

When she related the story to me, I didn't know where to come out but finally confessed that I too, knew and liked baked apples. I got a long stare and a head shake.
We bake a fall dish with slices of butternut squash and apples. Yum.

A Rabbi decides he'd like to try pork. Never had it, because it isn't kosher. But, he can't just buy some at a store because someone might see him, nor can he go to a local restaurant for the same reason. So, he flies to another city across the country and goes to a restaurant and orders suckling pig.
It is served to him on a platter with a baked apple in its mouth.
He picks up his fork and knife, and just as he is about to slice off a piece, the door opens to the restaurant and who comes in? Mr. Goldberg, the President of the Rabbi's synagogue!
Goldberg comes up to him and says, "Rabbi! What are you doing?"
The Rabbi says, "Goldberg! This is unbelievable! I came here and ordered a baked apple, and look how they serve it!"
Lately, I'm been trying to perfect an apple pie, for my tastes. I've made about ten pies in the past few weeks. I'm taking the spoils to friends' parties, and work. I've got the seasoning mix and crust like I want, but am still tinkering with apples.

I've settled in on a combination of 80% tart granny smith apples, and 20% a sweeter variety. So far, have tried Honeycrisp, gala, pink lady, macintosh, and jazz apples. None of those give me the baking apple aroma I want.

My question: Which apple varieties have you found have the best aroma while baking?

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