My wife won her president's club and we are off to the Bahamas at the end of the month. We are staying at Atlantis and have added on a couple of days at the end of our stay.

Any reccomendations for restaurants outside the resort...
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I just got back from the Bahamas; we stayed in Lyford Cay (on the west end of New Providence Island - about as far from Nassau as you can get on the island), but we did go to Atlantis for a day.

As far as recommendations for restaurants outside of Atlantis, I can't recommend too many in the Paradise Island/Nassau area. Greycliff is well-known and has been around for ever. If you have a car, a drive out to Compass Point for dinner is worthwhile.

I don't know if you've ever been to Atlantis before, but Atlantis is NOT the Bahamas. It is Vegas on an island. Not that that is a bad thing necessarily, but you will not get a true Bahamas experience staying in Atlantis. Too many people, too much to do and see (yes, you read that right), and too developed.

If you have the time, there is a fast-ferry which leaves Nassau ever morning at about 8:00 am which goes to Harbor Island (returns at 4:00 pm). I highly recommend going out to Harbor Island for a day (or more).
I will second the recommendation for Greycliff, especially if you like lobster. It's the best I've ever had. Talk to the concierge at Atlantis when you arrive and they should be able to get you a decent reservation. The restaurant is located in the old governor's mansion, but it is not in the best neighborhood. Take a cab or have the hotel set up a limo for you.

Also, the Columbus Tavern is a decent option. It's on the harbour and you can walk to it from Atlantis. I liked the outdoor seating and the live music. It's also much more casual than Greycliff and other options in Atlantis.

I have heard that Atlantis is not the Bahamas and just as you described...that is why we added the two days on the end outside of my wifes trip so we can do what we would like.


I will definitely check out greycliff as my wife loves lobster. Thanks to the both of you for the reccos.

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