I am heading to Vernon/Kelowna for this weekend. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good wine stores in either place, or if I should just try to get the wines from the actual wineries. Some of the wines I will be looking for are (don't mind my spelling Razz

Mt. Boucherie
Kettle Valley (I have 1 bottle right now, only 66 cases made! I'm too scared to open it Eek )
Burrowing Owl

Any other wines that people might recommend? I have tried quite a few different wines from here and some are pretty good.

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I would give Mission Hill a try. Probably the most impressive winery in the valley and good wines to boot. We tried the Burrowing Owl wines and they were also very good but not able to try everything as they sell out quickly and have two different release dates so you only get to try what is being released at the time.

SO much wine so little time.
I enjoy Mission Hill's Chardonnay Reserve. Probably one of my favorite Canadian white wines. Personally though, I cannot drink their red wines. Something about them just isnt right for my palate. I get alot of sulfur/rotten egg smell from them. We had a blind tasting with one of their merlot's mixed in and I picked it out right away... it almost ruined the whole tasting for me. Anyways I digress.

I might pick up some of their higher end whites as I tend to really enjoy them! Thanx for the idea!

You already know about Burrowing Owl. Other names to look for are Poplar Grove and Black Hills. Most of what these producers make is very good. Unfortunately, they're hard to find, but if you visit the wineries, you'll likely get to buy a few bottles from them.

After that, there's producers who do well with one varietal, mainly. Look for Blue Mountain Pinot Noir (esp. the striped label, their "reserve" line), Quail's Gate Family Reserve Pinot Noir, Cedar Creek Platinum Pinot Noir, and Nichol's Syrah. Mt. Boucherie made a good Gewurtztraminer last year. Wild Goose made a good Riesling. All of La Frenz whites are good. Township 7 made a decent Chardonnay last year. Cedar Creek Pipe is a good dessert wine, and there's a bunch of good ice wines-- Gehringer Brothers is a good one. Most of these wineries can produce a good product, but are not consistent, which so far has been the downfall of the Okanagan wine industry. They are clearly improving, however.

Mission Hill has a beautiful facility with a great view, but I've never been very impressed with their wines (with 1 or 2 exceptions that are no longer available). Almost all the wineries have nice tasting rooms, and it's fun to do the route. A lot of wineries make decent whites, and you never know when you'll find something that appeals to you. In my experience, the only good reds produced are the ones I mentioned in the first 2 paragraphs.

In Penticton there's a nice VQA (Vintners' Quality Alliance) store that has the best selection of BC wines and a fairly knowledgeable staff. Not all the good wineries have joined VQA (Blue Mountain hasn't, for example) so their products can't be sold there.

Have a great trip. It's a fun area to explore.


LadyRoots and I are visiting the area in July, so this thread is very helpful. Thanks for the info! Smile

I tasted some of the Mission Hill wines last weekend. I liked the pinot blanc and reserve chardonnay, but the reds didn't do it at all for me: too thin and there is something off-putting in the taste that VinoMiko also refers to. Didn't get sulfur, but I couldn't quite point out what it was.

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