I was going to post each of these seperately but that would take forever. The wines are listed with dry whites first, followed by reds and then sweet wines. Prices are in Canadian Dollars (approx $0.72 USD). Most of these wines were part of a tutored tasting hosted by Canadian wine writer Margaret Swaine. Many of the whites were served too warm which possibly affected my notes.

2002 Lenz Moser Servus – Burgenland – 750ml - $8.65 - Gruner Veltliner, Welchreisling and Pinot Gris blend. Light lemon colour with a light fruity nose. Light body with some pear and citrus on the palate. Served too warm. Would be a good patio/BBQ wine if served very cold. 82-84 points

2003 Felsner Gruner Veltliner Lossterrassen – Kremstal – 750ml – $15.95 – Almost effervescent. Light lemon/straw colour with a good minerally fruity nose. Good length and some white pepper, but a bit hot on the finish. 82-84

2003 Winzer Krems Gruner Veltliner – Kremstal – 750ml - $9.95 – Lemon colour. Some mineral notes, peach and lots of citrus on the nose. Great light summer wine. Very good value. 85-87

2003 Leopold Gruner Veltliner – Kamptal – 750ml – 12.00 – Very light nose. Needs more extraction as the high (13%) alcohol is overpowering. It is greenish and out of balance and could use more acidity. Not recommended

2002 Dr. Unger Gruner Veltliner Reserve Gottschelle – Kremstal – 750ml – 24.75 – Medium straw colour. Big mineral nose with big concentration. Meduim/full bodied with good citrus and slate on the palate. Good balance. Thick with good acidity. Very long finish with lots of citrus and pepper. 87-89

2003 Zimmerman Gruner Veltliner Rosshimmel – Kremstal – 750ml - $25.00 – Medium citrus nose with some mineral and floral notes. Good acidity with some effervescence. Good mineral/floral finish on a medium body. 86-87

2003 Brundlmayer Gruner Veltliner Kaferberg – Kamptal – 750ml - $68.00 – Huge floral/honey nose. Lots of floral and lychee notes on the palate. The taste reminded me for some reason of Hoegaarden beer?!?!? Maybe yeast? Very thick and unctuous. Great balance. Great wine, but I am unsure I would pay $68.00 for it. 93-95

2003 Aichinger Gruner Veltliner Alte Reben – Kamptal – 750ml - $32.00 - Nice fresh pepper/apricot/citrus nose. Very effervescent. Very nice apricot notes and almost nutty on the palate. Good finish. 87-88

2003 Polsterer Roter Veltliner – Donauland – 750ml - $17.00 – Lively citrus nose. Very zippy with some effervescence. Lots of citrus/orange/peach on palate. Nice finish. Very cool wine. Great value. 87-88

2002 Undhof Kremser Kogl Riesling – Kremstal – 750ml - $24.50 – Very peppery nose with some anise. Lots of fruit on the palate with some pepper. Medium bodied with a long clean aftertaste and good acidity. Very well balanced. 87-88

2002 Loimer Steinmassl Reisling – Kamptal – 750ml - $55.00 – Lots of rose and citrus notes on the nose. Great extraction with lots of peach/citrus/pepper and lychee notes. Very complex and medium/full bodied. Great wine, but expensive. 90-92

2002 Gobelsburg Riesling Alte Reben – Kamptal – 750ml – 37.00 – Big mineral/pepper nose. Good acidity and lots of citrus and mineral notes. Single vineyard wine. Excellent. 91-92

2002 Allram Chardonnay Strasser Wechelberg – Kamptal – 750ml - $25.95 – 10 months in new oak. Lots of oak on nose with huge extraction. Very new world in style. Medium/full bodied with a bit of residual sugar (4 grams). Very good but a bit hot on the finish. 84-86

2003 Tement Sauvignon Blanc Steirische Klassik – Sudsteiermark – 750ml - $28.95 – Lots of apricot and ripe peach on the nose. Peach and apricot notes also on the palate with some citrus. Light/med bodied with some floral notes on the finish. Excellent wine that would be great with food. 89-91

2003 Wohlmuth Sauvignon Blanc Steinriegl – Sudsteiermark – 750ml – $19.50 – Light citrus/mineral nose. Good medium body wine with some acidity and citrus. Light finish. 83-85

2001 Nittnaus St. Laurent – Neusiedlersee – 750ml - $29.40 – Young looking purple/ruby. Cotton candy on nose. Meduim tannins and very rustic.. Not bad, but overpriced. 85-86

2001 Lifestyle Blaufrankish Creitzer – Mittelburgenland – 750ml - $N/A – 14 months in oak. Ruby/purple colour with a rustic/peppery nose. Good spicy, oaky wine with medium/full tannins. Good wine with nice pepper/oak/berry finish. 86-87

2001 Vinifera Kaisergarten Peiso Zweigelt Barrique – Neusiedlersee – 750ml - $N/A – 7 months in oak. Nice fruity nose. Light easy to drink wine. Light finish. Beaujolais style. 83-84

2001 Hans Moser V.T.S. (Vintage Top Select) – Neusiedlersee-Hugelland – 750ml - $30.37 – Bordeaux blend of CS/CF/MER/BF/ZW. Bright purple/ruby colour. Lots of oak/cedar and vanilla on the nose. Lots of earth/plum/oak on the palate. Medium tannins and a good oaky finish. New world style. Needs time. 88-90

2000 Elfenhof Gewertztraminer Auslese – Neusiedlersee-Hugelland – 375ml - $26.45 – Light gold. Big honey, lychee and pepper on nose. Very good balance. Sweet with good acidity. Very long finish. Excellent. 88-90

1999 Weiss Gruner Veltliner Eiswein – Neusiedlersee – 375ml - $N/A – Deep gold. Very honeyed/fruity nose. Very peppery with lots of exotic fruits. Not cloying, but thick with good acidity. Very Long finish. 88-89

2002 Graf Hardegg Riesling Eiswein – Weinviertel – 375ml - $N/A – Bright light gold. Big lychee/citrus/honey nose. Very well balanced, tangy and not cloying. Excellent wine with a very long finish. Amazing stuff. 91-93

2002 Hafner TBA Welschriesling (Kosher) – Neusiedlersee – 375ml - $39.00 – Very rare Essencia that has a whopping 40% sugar content! This is very thick but well balanced. Needs a bit more acidity and the finish is a bit short. 86-88

1998 Munzenrieder Chardonnay TBA Barrique – Neusiedlersee – 375ml - $N/A – Deep honey colour. Big nose of lychee and candied orange. Thick with some medicinal notes. Well balanced with good acidity. Excellent wine. 91-92

2003 Winzer Krems Kellermeister privat Riesling – Kremstal – 750ml - $18.20 – Green. Out of balance. Not recommended

2002 Hafner Gruner Veltliner Ice Wine (Kosher) – Neusiedlersee – 375ml - $31.00 – Not bad, but slightly out of balance. Needs more acidity. Good finish. 85-86

2001 Weiss Bouvier TBA – Neusiedlersee – 375ml - $N/A – Like honey. Amazing balance with great acidity. Should age for decades. 93-95

2000 Elfenhof Eiswein – Neusiedlersee – Hugelland – 375ml - $52.70 – The nose is a bit funky, but this is a serious eiswein. Great acidity and nicely balanced. Lots of honey and citrus. Great finish. 91-92

1999 Elfenhof Chardonnay exclusiv TBA – 375ml - $75.85 – Amazing stuff! Expensive, but great. Deep gold with a huge nose of citrus/honey/lychee. 60 second finish. 93-95
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Nice notes, baird Cool

I tried some of them as well. Overall I was far more impressed by the 2002 vintage in Austria than by 2003. I found a lot of the dry wines from 2003 to be very heavy and alcoholic.

Anche dio è di-vino

Some are Vintages/general list, but the majority are consignment wines. I think I have a extra book from the tasting that lists all wines with prices, where it is available, etc. Email me if you are interested and I will get it to you.

If you are interested in a specific wine(s) let me know and I will get the agent or Vintages info to you.

I might try picking up some BA wines as they were great wines and only $20-30 per 375ml. The eisweins and TBAs were expensive and generally lacked the acidity of their German counterparts.

Good notes Baird, thanks. We get so few of these also, but do get the Graf Hardegg Eiswein and the 2002 is on the shelves here now. It sounds as good as the '98 that I had a couple of times, so I'm going to get me some.
Well done Baird! And given the perilous state of our finances, I'm glad to see that there are no QPR stars there! We would like to try more gruner veltliners, since I tried one with Tsunami in Zurich and saw how good it can be, but of course the QPR has to be there.

We still like the Lenz Moser TBA though.

Bruins rule!
Baird, thanks for the notes. I am a big fan of dry whites from Austria.

I noticed that there were no wines from Wachau. Just a coincidence?

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