Oh KB, I expected more of you. Surely you're not as gullible as the English cricket team and those other fans. Can't you see this is a ploy by the Aussies in a format with no bearing at all just to build up your confidence, which we we will then crush to a pulpy mass of English misery??? My tokay is fine thanks. Keep that bubbly cold now. Big Grin
The bookies still have the most likely result of the ashes as a 3-0 series win to the champs.

Don't see why they're bothering with the triangular one day competition involving the best 2 sides in the world and the worst in the world, unless the English players need to pump up their averages against Bangladesh to compensate for what will happen in the rest of the summer.

PS The All Blacks look like they'll obliterate the Lions. The Moari never looked like losing to the Lions, and the ABs are a step or 2 above the Moari.

Its the middle of summer in the UK so its easy to "keep that bubby cold", you don't even need a fridge to do it. Smile

As for that 20 over a side pudding pulling rubbish, that's not a real game. When the real games start you will not be crowing, more like ostridgeing so you don't have to watch the slaughter. Razz
You're right KB. We should be more gracious in defeat. I guess it's just that after decades and decades of pummelling the English cricket team into a blubbering mess, it's hard to adjust to a loss, even if it is in an irrelevant money making farce of a competition.

I repent. England is clearly the superior team, and Australia should go home now before I lose my Tokay. Razz

And TORB, you're right - it's bloody freezing in London today, and it's raining. Frown
Lions 26 Wellington 6 KillerB will be opening his second bottle by now - to celebrate.

A scrappy, ill-disciplined game from both sides, poor recovery from the breakdowns - Lions managed to control the 2nd phase play, that is Wellington allowed them to slow the rucks an mauls down, which the Maori did not - and dominated in the set-peices in the front row. Lions not as convincing in the line-outs.

Quite clear divide in the playing styles Northern/Southern, most evident at the 2nd phase - Aust. NZ pick and run letting the back-line sort itself out; the Brits (almost used the P word here, but there are Jocks, Taffs and Micks in there so don't want to insult them).

The better team won but they have a lot to do to settle in to any sort of rythym.

Sean7 - NEVER ask about cricket - you have to grow up with it and even then they keep changing the rules.
Yup, got it wrong 23 - 6 and no, I didn't have anything o drink other than offess (and erzatz at that).

Not a tough tour only three significant Provinces Wellington, Otago (Saturday - at the House of Pain, hope it maintains its rep') and Auckland - and the Maori side. The others are not in the hunt unfortunately.
Originally posted by KillerB:
Talk about sore losers


I really should have said well done old chap! I enjoy the 5 day game but don't really care that much for the shortened versions of the game, unless its the World Cup tournament.

Besides it will be interesting to see who makes a 50 first in this ashes series, McGrath or Flintoff.
Well these boys won't be making the invincibles of '48 worry about their record. As for the test series we still have Warne and McGrath spearheading the attack. Beleive it or not McGrath is bowling the best I've ever seen him bowl at the age of 35. I think we've got 4 or 5 batsmen averaging over 50. The poms might win one test before the series is decided, but I wouldn't bet on it.

For a pack of old jailers the Pommes are a very civilised lot, indeed "right proper" and as us convicts were decended from them, we did learn a few manners along the way. So fear not, we will always be civil to those in "the mother country."

Its not like we are French or anything. Wink

BTW, do you know why the US got the Puritians and Australia got the convicts? Australia had first choice. Eek
so, who will come out on top on Saturday? Lions vs. Otago?

Lions were weak vs. the Maori but held Wellington in check. Not that I can ever see a damn game in this country, though.

Can you enlighten us as to the meaning of Jocks and Taffs? Obviously, one is for Scotsmen and one for the Welsh, but where did they come from? I've heard Pommie and Mick is obvious...as a lifelong learner, I'm always looking to improve my repertiore of offensive slurs
Originally posted by benchland:
You’re so gullible. Smile I still have some ocean front property in AZ if your interested.

You mean you like your current wine distribution laws and 21 year age of concent age limit. Roll Eyes We can buy wine at 18 from anywhere in the country without any issues.
Jocks are called Jocks because they DO wear something under their kilts.

Taffy comes from their love of taffeta.

Bman - have we ever let this rivalry become unseemly? It's only when the roo-shaggers start cheating that we ever have a problem.

{Edited to correct schoolboy error}
winerugger - these are terms of endearment, in this part of the world. I am frequently admonished by American friends living here that who tell me these are insults. Well, as with almost any word, I guess they can be - but not in normal use, down this way.

The Otago game. My old home team. Good game, or should I say a better game than the Wellington match with two very good team touch-downs (one each) coming at the end of periodds of intense pressure. Both well deserved. The Lions also took one good opportunist touch down.

We have been led to believe that this is the second-string team - and as such they were not all that impressive. Their set-piece didn't dominate a weaker Provincial team (only once) and their only tactic on the tigh-head is to screw the scrum.

Lions players that impressed - No 8, who workeed like a trojan and is a massive lad (6ft 11 and 260 lb) No 9, who gave the Otago half-back no end of trouble - boy is he quick! No 7, very quick, anticipates well and plays to the outer limits of the rules. In the last fifteen minutes they substituted two very big men into the scrums and they did make the difference - both being frsh and both very strong. Had they played these chaps from the beginning the score might well have been wider.

Cheating - it goes both ways (and both sides partake, in this professional game), but English teams, at the break-down, have the annoying habit of smothering the ball - if they take it down; and if they don't, they launch themselves over the ruck (technically off side) and attempt to smother its release. This is seen as okay in the Northern hemisphere type of game which is much slower than we play and it allows them to get their backline into position (either attack or defense).

Not a bad game all round - few dull patches. The best prepared team (if the wrong one), won.

The Brits hav never won the ashes, the ashes is between England and Australia. Australia won the ashes back in 1989, with a side that was not expected to win, and has retained them ever since.

hmmm, looking at the grandfathers in the Aussie team and the recent run of results I'm starting to get worried about the ashes. Harmison and Pietersen did to Australia what Australia's been doing to the rest of the world for 10 years - when the side's in trouble somebody does something special to turn the game back their way.

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